May 31 - June 7, 2015

Lots of good reading this week, particularly at the intersection of pedagogy and technology.

Pedagogy: Great content this week from math educator Dan Meyer offers reflections on engaging decisions by the New York Times and on effective pedagogy in the online space.  Even space explorer Elon Musk gets in on good teaching practices when he describes a small school he is opening for children of his employees.

Tech: The feature article from the Atlantic further amplifies the message that technology amplifies the effectiveness of the context in which it is used.  It's a worthy read that highlights both opportunities and limitations.



          "Why Technology Alone Won't Fix Schools"
          Atlantic, 6/3/15
          "Technology's primary effect is to amplify human forces, so in education,
          technologies amplify whatever pedagogical capacity is already there... And what
          about computers outside of schools?  What happens when children are left to learn
          on their own with digital gadgets, as so many tech advocates insist we should do?
          Here technology amplifies the children's propensities."

          The New York Times Uses Great Math Pedagogy
          Dy/dan, 6/1/15
          "The Times webpage can progressively disclose the answer graph, putting up a wall
          until you commit to a sketch... This isn't just great digital pedagogy, it's great


          Khan Academy Offers Free SAT Prep
          NPR, 6/3/15

          Five "Outside The Box" Approaches to Assessment
          Catlin Tucker, 6/3/15


          Teaching Phonics Increases Brain Activity When Reading
          Stanford, 5/28/15


          Old Ideas From Other Disciplines Are Valuable In Your Discipline
          Pacific Standard, 5/28/15


          Hiring On "Fit" Is Not Good Practice
          New York Times, 5/30/15


          Hiring Internal Vs. External Candidates: Which, When, Why?
          Harvard Business Review, 6/2/15


          How Math Online Education Can Work Better
          Dy/dan, 6/3/15

          Elon Musk Builds An Elementary School On Two Principles
          EdSurge, 5/28/15

          A Strengths-Based Approach Can Motivate Disengaged Kids
          Gallup, 6/2/15


          7 Good Questions When Designing An Evaluation Process
          EdWeek, 5/28/15

          Is Ongoing Informal Feedback Better Than Performance Reviews?
          New York Magazine, 6/1/15

          7 Tips For Supporting Instructional Coaching
          Scholastic, 5/26/15

          Reflective Teaching Means: Stop, Practice, Collaborate
          Teachthought, 6/1/15


          University of Florida Uses Yik Yak To Publish Campus Newspaper
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 6/3/15

          Do LMS's Help Students Learn?  The First Study Is In...
          EdSurge, 6/1/15

          You Can Now 3D Print A Meal
          TechCrunch, 5/18/15


          4 Productivity Styles, And Tools For Each
          99u, 6/4/15


          Advice From A Veteran Teacher To Himself As A New Teacher
          NAIS, 3/1/15

          When The Politics Of Feelings Obstruct Discourse
          Vox, 6/3/15

          Teacher Explains Departure To Teach In Another Country
          Guardian, 6/6/15

          The Micro-Schools Movement Grows: 4.0 Schools
          Medium, 3/31/15

          David Byrne On The Algorithm Vs. The Curator
          New Statesman, 6/1/15

          On The Expansion Of Administration
          Spectator, 6/6/15