July 5 - July 12, 2015

Several terrific aggregations of information on key topics this week: helicopter parenting, sleep, reading on screens vs paper, and opportunities for development in the ed tech space.  These plus more subtle collections of ideas in other articles as well.

Amidst all these, the Dept of Education report offers great insight for people looking to innovate in the ed tech space.  Also, I'm heartened that Facebook is trying to use their influence for good, sort of.

Otherwise, I'm a fan of the several articles that promote inclusion. This means not only the articles in the diversity/inclusion section, but also the pieces in the adolescence section. (Metalheads from the 80s, it turns out, are happy and well-adjusted adults. Who are these outsiders today?  Let's give them a high five.)



          Yes, Helicopter Parenting Is Bad For Kids.  Here Are The Studies.
          Slate, 7/5/15
          "The data emerging around mental health of our kids only confirms the harm done
          by asking so little of them when it comes to life skills yet so much of them when it
          comes to adhering to the academic plans we've made for them."


          Will Those Goth Kids Be All Right?  Probably, If 80s Metal Is Any Sign
          Pacific Standard, 7/7/15

          A Problem-Solving (Instead of Punishment) Approach To Discipline
          Mother Jones, 7/1/15

          'How To Raise An Adult' - Another Anti-Helicopter Parenting Book
          New York Times, 6/15/15


          An Argument To Remove 'D' Grades
          Atlantic, 6/29/15

          Linda Darling-Hammond Takes Down Standardized Testing [Video]
          YouTube/TedXStanford, 6/29/15


          USWNT And The Case For Multi-Sport Athletes
          USA Today, 7/3/15


          One Simple Act Changes Student Trajectories: Writing Down Goals
          NPR, 7/10/15


          The Science Behind Pixar's 'Inside Out'
          Pacific Standard, 7/8/15

          Konnikova, Part 1: Why We Can't Fall Asleep
          New Yorker, 7/7/15

          Konnikova, Part 2: What Happens When We're Sleeping
          New Yorker, 7/8/15

          Konnikova, Part 3: What Sleep Deprivation Does To You
          New Yorker, 7/9/15

          Bad Dreams Are Good For You? [Video]
          YouTube/New York Magazine, 7/9/15


          A Two Step Approach To Innovation: Building Blocks & Metaphors
          Farnam Street, 1/20/13


          In Praise Of Multidisciplinarity (via The Advanced Sciences)
          Lindau-Nobel, 6/30/15


          Describing White Privilege Without Saying "White Privilege"
          Those People, 7/6/15

          This Document On How To Be A White Ally Is Circulating via Google
          Google Docs / Cameron Hough, 7/12/15


          What Is American Culture?  What Is The Role Of Cultural Literacy?
          Atlantic, 7/3/15

          Comp Lit Prof + Math/CS Major + Pliny the Elder = Digital Humanities
          New Yorker, 7/7/15

          Do We Really Want To Read Harper Lee's Sequel To "Mockingbird"?
          New York Times, 7/10/15

          New Novel Reframes Charles Dickens As Thieving Innovator
          Atlantic, 6/1/15


          How To Promote Competency Based Learning At Your School
          KQED, 7/9/15

          Key Tips For Running Meetings
          Harvard Business Review, 7/6/15

          A Comic Take On Org Charts [Humor]
          Fast Company, 6/29/15


          Case Studies In Blended Learning
          iNACOL, 7/1/15


          An Argument For Using The Summer To Reread Old Favorites
          Wall Street Journal, 7/1/15

          A Summary Of What We Know About Reading On Screens vs. Paper
          Fast Company, 7/8/15

          EdX Offers An English Grammar And Writing Course
          EdX, 7/7/15

          What Is The Boundary Between Fact & Fiction (via Joseph Mitchell)
          Atlantic, 6/1/15


          On Using Symmetry To Teach Negative Numbers
          Stanford, 7/6/15


          US Dept Of Education: 10 Opportunities For Tech To Transform Ed
          US DOE Dept Of Educational Technology, 4/1/15

          How Facebook Is Trying To Coach Users To Be Nice [Paywall]
          New Scientist, 5/28/15

          More Tales Of (And Reasons For) Banning Laptops In Lecture Halls
          New York Magazine, 7/9/15

          Our Smartphones Own Us.  Here Are The Numbers.
          Gallup, 7/9/15

          App As Assistant: In Health, In Travel... and Education?
          Nirandfar, 7/8/15

          The Dangers Of Screen Time (And Comment Threads That Defend It)
          New York Times, 7/6/15

          Kids Like Tablets; TV Seen As Punishment; iPad > Dessert
          Advertising Age, 7/6/15


          The Mere Presence Of Your Phone Diminishes Productivity
          Harvard Business Review, 7/10/15


          In Praise Of Drawing, And How It Helps Us See Differently
          Brain Pickings, 7/10/15

          Should Your Counseling Office Have A Dog?
          Bright, 7/9/15

          What Majors Are More Likely To Marry People From The Same Major?
          Priceonomics, 7/7/15

          4 Types Of Introverts: Social, Thinking, Anxious, And Restrained
          New York Magazine, 6/25/15