June 28 - July 5, 2015

A big week for tech related news: a burst of 3D printing articles, several statements clarifying tech's supporting role in education (not central role), and a good article about the rise of YouTube education.  Some YouTube channels are driving great understanding in students, and, perhaps more importantly, some are lighting up passion in students, too.

Also important this week is the opening article on athletics and character.  I've always felt that athletics in school are crucial for building some of the essential non-cognitive skills that lead to success; I'd love to find more research/articles that study this in detail.  (Thanks for sending any this way if you know any!)

Lots of other great pieces, including a good summary of the battle for the New York Public Library.



          The Importance Of Athletics For Building Character
          KQED, 7/1/15
          "In a recent study that's not yet published, Driska and his colleagues looked at an
          intense two-week wrestling camp, measuring feelings and attitudes of 89 teens
          before the camp experience and after.  As expected, the players' confidence
          increased -- it was a tough camp to get through, Driska says.  But what surprised
          him, he says, was how much feelings of hopefulness among the young people also

          A Great Long Read On Hunches vs Data (via Singing, Hiring...)
          More Intelligent Life, 7/1/15
          "Hunches make people over-confident.  But if the hunch runs in the opposite
          direction to everyone else's certainties, then over-confidence can be a strength...
          It's not as if data solve the over-confidence problem, anyway.  Indeed, they can
          exacerbate it, especially when people get hooked on the wrong measures... The
          hunch and the data can educate one another.  We need human judgment to correct
          for cardinal bias--the tendency to place more importance on what can be quantified
          than what cannot."

          Does Privilege Influence Post-College Well-Being?
          Gallup, 7/1/15
          "What we do know is that regardless of minority status, socioeconomic class and
          first-generation college student status, how you take advantage of college is more
          important than where you go.  For example, graduates who had mentoring
          relationships, internships and jobs where they applied their learning, as well as
          long-term projects lasting more than a semester, doubled their odds of being
          engaged in work and thriving in their well-being later in life.  It may be the case
          that those who value college most take more advantage of the opportunity."


          A Few Ways To Support Teens Seeking Independence
          KQED, 6/23/15


          How Do Children Reward Merit In Different Countries?
          Pacific Standard, 7/1/15

          Don't Call Kids 'Smart' (And Other Notes On Growth Mindsets)
          Atlantic, 6/30/15


          Yes, Walking In Nature Is Good For Your Well Being
          Kurzweil AI, 7/1/15

          5 Brain Tips: Circadia, Fish Oil, Comfort Zone, Exhaustion, & Focus
          Fast Company, 6/30/15


          Creative Style: Are You Focused, Or Does Your Mind Wander?
          Fast Company, 6/30/15


          Arnold Toynbee: The Need For The Humanities In A Digital World
          Aeon, 6/25/15

          8 Digital Humanities Projects From The Stanford Humanities Center
          Stanford Humanities Center, 6/30/15


          Should We Be Using Algorithms In The Hiring Process?
          New York Times, 6/26/15


          Tech Doesn't Replace Pedagogy; It Drives Conversation About It
          Hack Education, 7/1/15

          Teaching From Lived Experiences, From The Inside Out
          Edutopia, 6/30/15

          Standards Are Transferable: See How Math Goals Apply To All Of Us
          Edutopia, 7/2/15


          Mapping The History Of Metaphors In English (A Work In Progress)
          Guardian, 6/30/15


          7 Tips After One Year With A 3D Printer
          Edutopia, 6/29/15

          A Brief Tour Of What's Happening With 3D Printers Today
          Edutopia, 6/30/15

          How The Smithsonian Uses 3D Printers To Replicate Rare Artifacts
          Atlantic, 7/1/15


          Justin Reich Shares Actionable Lessons From Researching At EdX
          EdTechResearcher, 7/2/15

          Write An Email To Your Future Self
          FutureMe, 7/1/15

          Technological Gain, Productivity Decline
          Project Syndicate, 6/23/15

          YouTube Educators: Is Education As Entertainment A Bad Thing?
          Forbes, 6/23/15


          How To Get Through That Mid-Afternoon Energy Slump
          Harvard Business Review, 7/1/15

          7 Habits For Achieving Work-Life Balance
          Fast Company, 6/29/15


          How One School Uses Peer Accountability To Motivate Students
          KQED, 7/2/15

          The Great Battle For The New York Public Library
          Chronicle Of Higher Education, 6/24/15

          Comparing Benefits Of Morning vs. Evening Exercise
          Fast Company, 6/26/15