August 2 - August 9, 2015

Some remarkable revelations this week:

AdmitSee's analysis of college essays not only offers insight into the character and shape of successful college essays, but also the predispositions of various admission offices.  A real gem of a study.

Also, I was stunned to see that some schools start at 7:30 or earlier.  The science on sleep is strong, and it's clear that while schools are coming around, it's happening slowly.  See the article in "other" for more.



          Results From Data Crunching 15,000 Successful College Essays
          Fast Company, 8/3/15
          "AdmitSee found that the most common words on Harvard essays were
          'experience,' 'society,' 'world,' 'success,' 'opportunity.' At Stanford, they were
          'research,' 'community,' 'knowledge,' 'future' and 'skill.'  ...It turns out, Brown favors
          essays about volunteer and public interest work, while these topics rank low among
          successful Yale essays.  In addition to Harvard, successful Princeton essays often
          tackle experiences with failure.  Meanwhile, Cornell and the University of
          Pennsylvania tend to accept students who write about their career aspirations."

          Blended Learning 2.0: After The Honeymoon
          EdSurge, 8/3/15
          "These schools are moving out of the 'getting-the-technology-to-work' phase and
          beginning to think deeply about the best ways to support student achievement.
          They are running their own internal evaluations of edtech effectiveness, training
          teachers on emerging best practices, exploring better ways to put data in the hands
          of teachers and students, and consolidating all their learnings to iterate on existing
          school designs or create new ones."


          Rule-Breaking Kids Earn More As Adults?
          Quartz, 7/23/15

          The Fortunate Social Media Lives Of Teenagers
          New York Times, 8/6/15


          Should We Really Be Encouraging So Much Failure?
          WBUR, 8/5/15


          Educators Needed To Understand How The Heck Creativity Happens
          Pacific Standard, 7/30/15


          Female Students Do Better When Taught By Female Teachers
          Quartz, 7/31/15

          'Why Schools Need More Teachers Of Color--For White Students'
          Atlantic, 8/6/15


          Digital Humanities: A Balanced Look At Moretti, Jockers
          Boston Review, 8/3/15


          How To Flip Your Faculty Meetings
          Teachthought, 7/30/15


          How Often Do Different Age Demographics Take Selfies
          Quartz, 8/6/15


          Thinking About 'Sense-Making' In Math
          KQED, 8/4/15


          Take A Vacation: Get A Raise And Promotion
          Harvard Business Review, 6/12/15

          Teacher Desk: Benign Workplace Prop, Or Symbol Of Hierarchy?
          Medium, 8/3/15


          What Percentage Of Schools Start At 8:30am Or Later? (Not Enough.)
          Washington Post, 8/6/15

          Finding Cheap Textbooks: A Case Study
          Forbes, 8/2/15