August 23 - August 30, 2015

The development of language continues on.  See the Language section for new words, and the development of a teen meme, remarkably researched.

Also two interesting areas of pushback this week: first, in cognitive science, researchers found that only 1/3 of 100 psychology studies were reproduced in their trials.  This has sparked a series of follow up articles.  Certainly, though, it's a mistake to cast aspersions on the field as a whole.

Also, following an article in the Atlantic a few weeks ago about the "Coddling of the American Mind," a wave of articles pushing back on the new PC have emerged.  Are we protecting kids too much?  What's the right degree?

These and more this week--enjoy!


          A Rich Exploration Of What Makes Expert Teachers
          Bright, 8/27/15
          "Expert teachers recognize the learner as one system, themselves as another, and
          their interaction with the learner as a third system.  In order to successfully manage
          the interaction and support their learner's development an expert teacher utilizes
          multiple awarenesses (of self, learner, interaction, teaching practice/content, and
          external content)."


          MOOC Courses Are Showing Up On College Applications
          New York Times, 8/25/15


          Further Challenging Of The Grit Narrative
          EdWeek, 4/27/15


          Do People Behave Differently When Drawings Of Eyes Are Watching?
          Atlas Obscura, 8/20/15

          Study Finds Only 1/3 Of Studies Can Be Reproduced
          Nature, 8/27/15

          More On the Reliability (Or Unreliability) Of Studies
          Atlantic, 9/1/15

          A History And Explanation Of P-Values
          Pacific Standard, 8/24/15


          Does Learning Music Improve One's Ability To Learn?
          Hechinger Report, 8/24/15

          Should We Teach More Of What We Don't Know?
          New York Times, 8/24/15


          The New PC: Protecting Everyone Everywhere From Hurt Feelings
          Spectator, 8/29/15

          Literary Feminism In Medieval Europe
          Stanford, 8/24/15

          Duke Students Protest Assigned Reading Of 'Fun Home'
          The Daily Beast, 8/24/15


          How A Volcanic Eruption In 1815 Changed Art Everywhere
          New York Times, 8/24/15

          "The Meursault Investigation": A Response To "L'Etranger"
          NPR, 8/21/15

          The Supreme Court Used To Be Filled With Senators, Not Judges
          Atlantic, 4/1/15

          What Did A Slave Auction Catalog Look Like?
          Slate, 8/20/15 [Primary Source]

          Eric Foner's New Book On The Underground Railroad
          Atlantic, 3/1/15

          Shakespeare v Milton: Who's Best? A Two-Hour Debate & Reading
          YouTube/Intelligence Squared, 7/8/14


          "Netflix And Chill" Becomes Teen Euphemism: History Of A Meme
          Fusion, 8/27/15

          Oxford Dictionaries Add 'Awesomesauce' 'Butt-Dial' And More
          Oxford Dictionaries, 8/27/15


          Reflecting On Process Improves Critical Thinking
          The Journal, 8/26/15


          Short Stories Composed Entirely Of Dictionary Sample Sentences
          Slate, 8/26/15

          People Read Literature On Paper, Pulp On eBooks, Says Amazon UK
          Telegraph, 8/26/15

          The Evolution (Devolution?) Of Summer Reading
          Wall Street Journal, 8/14/15

          How The Guardian Navigates British v. American Spelling
          Atlantic, 3/1/15


          There's An Online Encyclopedia Of Integer Sequences.  Meet Its Maker
          Wired, 8/22/15


          Peru Uses Personal Drones To Guard Machu Picchu And Other Ruins
          Slate, 8/24/15

          The Failed Promise Of MOOCs (So Far?)
          Daily Dot, 8/23/15


          A History Of Honorary Degrees
          Priceonomics, 8/25/15

          Helping Kids With Homework Transmits Our Anxieties To Them
          New York Times, 8/24/15

          Interactive Data On Public Opinion Of Public Schools
          Phi Delta Kappan/Gallup, 10/1/14