August 30 - September 6, 2015

We've known that the more prior knowledge you have, the easier it is to learn new knowledge.  Apparently it's true in athletics, too.  In an age that pushes student athletes to specialize, this is a reminder that diversification is good.

Also, ASCD's Educational Leadership journal (and blog) shares some tributes to Grant Wiggins, a great champion of teachers.  These are good reminders of core pedagogical principles.

I'm also a fan of the HBR article about making time for reading.  In a digital age, it's ever more important to clear space for deep engagement.



          Learning Multiple Sports Helps You Improve In Any One Sport
          Stadion, 8/12/15
          "Speed of learning and the ability to perfect movements depends on the size of one's
          stored experiences of movements ("movement erudition").  Yes, those who have
          more will get more, easier.  This is why well-trained athletes do a wide variety of
          exercises besides those that are sport-specific for them and practice techniques of
          other sports."

          A Deep Look At Where Mindfulness Fits In Schools
          Atlantic, 8/31/15
          "The body of scientific research illustrating the positive effects of mindfulness
          training on mental health and well-being--at the level of the brain as well as at the
          level of behavior--grows steadily more well-established: It improves attention,
          reduces stress, and results in better emotional regulation and an improved capacity
          for compassion and empathy."


          Elizabeth Kolbert Explores: What Is Adolescence?
          New Yorker, 8/31/15


          Would A Shorter Week Boost Student Performance?
          Medical Daily, 8/29/15

          How We Sleep Today: Not As Badly As We Think
          Quartz, 9/3/15

          Four Ways To Stay Awake Without Caffeine
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 8/27/15

          Tony Wagner's 7 Curricular Goals For Making Innovative Thinkers
          KQED, 8/25/15


          Deresiewicz Returns: Reflecting On A Year Touring Excellent Sheep
          Harper's, 9/1/15

          A Long Arc Look At The Economic Value Of College
          New Yorker, 9/7/15


          Reflecting On The Role Of Emerson In American Poetry
          New Yorker, 9/7/15


          3 Key Lessons From Grant Wiggins: Goals, Feedback, Empathy
          ASCD, 8/31/15

          On The Value Of Student Generated Questions
          ASCD Educational Leadership, 9/1/15

          How To Compose Good Essential Questions
          ASCD Educational Leadership, 9/1/15


          Making Time For Books Makes You Less Busy And Less Stressed
          Harvard Business Review, 9/1/15

          Majority Of Students Prefer Printed Books, Says Textbook Company
          Campus Technology, 9/1/15

          On The Passive Voice, And Why It Should Be Avoided...
          McSweeney's, 9/3/15


          Conrad Wolfram: Take The Computation Out Of Math Classes
          KQED, 8/31/15


          How The 50 States Generate Their Electricity
          Washington Post, 7/31/15

          How The 100 Largest US Metro Areas Get Their Electricity
          Brookings, 9/2/15


          Survey: 87% Of Teachers Don't Use Social Media In The Classroom
          THE Journal, 9/2/15

          And Now: 3D Printing Glass
          Core77, 8/24/15


          "The Superbowl of Elementary School Chess"
, 9/4/15