September 20 - September 27, 2015

Last week's OECD report on the (variable) effectiveness of tech in schools prompted several thoughtful responses that partner well with the Slate article on the history and rationale of Luddites.

Also this week, the data on sexual assault on college campuses ought to prompt serious thinking about how we social students at our schools.

Lastly, I've long been enamored by the physics of bicycles.  The US News & World Reports article provokes me to wonder whether a full course could be taught on the physics of bicycles and bicycle maintenance.



          "1 in 4 Women Experience Sex Assault On Campus"
          New York Times, 9/21/15
          "27/2 percent of female college seniors reported that, since entering college, they
          had experienced some kind of unwanted sexual contact--anything from touching to
          rape--carried out by incapacitation, usually do to alcohol or drugs, or by force."

          Five Exercises To Prompt Reflection On One's Education
          New York Times, 8/2/15
          "Here are five exercises that students find particularly engaging.  Each is designed
          to help freshmen identify their goals and reflect systematically about various
          aspects of their personal lives, and to connect what they discover to what they
          actually do at college."


          4 Principles Of Assessment (From The College Board President)
          Education Dive, 9/22/15


          A Systems Look At Successful Creativity: Networks & Relationships
          Medium, 9/2/15


          Can You Design A Course Around Bicycle Mechanics?
          US News & World Reports, 9/21/15


          Harvard Shares Results From Sexual Misconduct Survey
          Harvard, 9/21/15

          Anticipated Life Satisfaction Five Years From Now, By Race
          Brookings, 9/25/15


          Stanford Online Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Free, Online, Accurate
          Quartz, 9/21/15


          7 Characteristics Of A Good Hire, And The Questions To Find Them
          First Round Review, 9/26/15

          How To Support New Faculty (In Higher Ed)
          Chronicle Vitae, 8/13/15


          Some Information About Homework Norms And Practices
          KQED, 9/22/15


          Should We Accept 'They' As 3rd Person Gender Neutral Singular?
          Hopes and Fears, 9/21/15

          Should We Stop Buying eBooks?  It Seems Everyone Else Is...
          New York Times, 9/22/15

          Alice In Wonderland - And The Rise Of Literary Annotation
          New Republic, 9/21/15

          Harry Potter Fans Leave Notes In Books At Stores And Libraries
          The Star, 9/21/15


          In Defense Of The Luddite
          Slate, 9/9/15

          Larry Cuban Debriefs The OECD Report On Tech In Schools
          Larry Cuban, 9/20/15

          Technophrenia Debriefs The OECD Report On Tech In Schools
          The Conversation, 9/17/15

          MOOC Takers Learn More From Doing Than Watching (No Kidding...)
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 9/22/15

          Who Finds MOOCs Beneficial? A Survey Of 52,000 MOOC Users
          Harvard Business Review, 9/22/15

          How Much Time Do People Think Students Should Use Tech? 
          Education Next, 9/21/15

          Tech Is Best Taught In The Context Of Teacher Goals, Not By Itself
          eSchool News, 9/21/15

          Camera With 1 Trillion Frames Per Second Records Light Moving
          Good, 9/21/15


          NYTimes Hosts Conversation On Grade Deflation
          New York Times, 9/19/15

          A History Of College Grade Inflation
          New York Times, 7/14/11

          Actors Recite Pop Lyrics In The Style Of Shakespeare [BrilliantHumor]
          Mashable, 9/24/15

          Can Libraries Propel Personalized Content Delivery To Students?
          EdSurge, 9/22/15

          How Five Award-Winning Teachers Spend Their Time Each Day
          Medium, 9/22/15

          Maybe Fidgeting Is Good For You?
          Quartz, 9/24/15