September 6 - September 13, 2015

Ed tech disillusionment this week.  Another ed tech booster--this time George Siemens, who has a deep history with the ed tech space--decries the state of ed tech today, joining others former supporters, now critics.

Also, a debate on the role of the lecture.  Is it sometimes great pedagogy?  Is it a source of exclusion in schools and colleges?  Two articles explore the lecture in different ways.

Also, lots of great stuff on teaching math, spread throughout the newsletter.



          Another Technophile Rejects Today's Ed Tech (But Still Has Hope)
          ELearnSpace, 9/9/15
          "Both Udacity and Knewton require the human, the learner, to become a
          technology, to become a component within their well-architected software
          system. Sit and click. Sit and click. So much of learning involves decision making,
          developing metacognitive skills, exploring, finding passion, taking peripheral
          paths.  Automation treats the person as an object to which things are done.  There
          is no reason to think, no reason to go through the valuable confusing process of
          learning, no need to be human. Simply consume.  Simply consume.  Click and be


          Maximize Ability By Testing In Unfamiliar Environments (Via Red Bull)
          Singularity Hub, 8/28/15


          "Design Engineering" Now Is A Degree. (Design Skills + Engineering)
          Harvard, 9/10/15


          "When White Poets Pretend To Be Asian"
          New Yorker, 9/9/15


          On The Corporatization (Read: Sterilization?) Of The University
          New York Times, 9/9/15


          How to Build An Innovation Culture
          Steve Blank, 9/9/15


          In Defense Of Lectures
          e-Literate, 9/12/15

          Do Lectures Alienate Women And Minorities?  The Data Says So.
          New York Times, 9/12/15

          Five Ways To Be Intentional About The Questions You Ask
          ASCD Educational Leadership, 9/1/15

          A Reminder Of Why Wait Time Is Good
          ASCD Educational Leadership, 9/10/15

          Harvard's Teaching And Learning Site: How To Compose A Syllabus
          Harvard, 1/1/09


          A Brief History Of Punctuation
          BBC, 9/2/15


          Dan Meyer's Collection Of Applied Math Problems
          Google Drive/Dan Meyer, 8/1/15

          A Close Look At Using Questions In Math Classes
          ASCD Educational Leadership, 9/1/15


          Which LMS Has The Greatest Adoption?
          e-Literate, 9/7/15

          The Predicament (And Promise) Of The Internet Of Things
          New York Times, 9/5/15


          'Promotions' Aren't Always Good For You. Or: Do What You Love
          New York Times, 9/5/15


          12 Fresh Ways To Think About Teaching
          Core77, 9/8/15

          Tutors Reduce Math Anxiety (For 3rd Graders)
          KQED, 9/9/15

          Student Makes Movie About How School Diverts Dreams [video]
          Rachel B Wolfe, 2/11/15