October 11 - October 18, 2015

A nice trio of articles on helicopter parenting, each taking a different spin on the phenomenon.  Notably, the E. B. White story is purely by metaphor, and from 40 years ago, before helicopter parenting existed as we know it today.

The feature article on data scientists vs. statisticians marks an interesting trend, and it provokes the question: should we be teaching statistics or data science in high school?  Must the former precede the latter?  How might we introduce the latter in a project-based setting?

These issues, questions, topics, and more...  Enjoy!


          Checking In On The State Of The Maker Movement
          Bright, 10/12/15
          "Many educators who work in this field seem to understand at a visceral level that
          students are constructing meaningful and long-term knowledge in their tinkering.
          But the formal proof to back this theory is still being mined.  The National Science
          Foundation is currently researching an evidence-based understanding of the design
          and development of STEM learning opportunities."

          On The Ascent Of The Data Scientist, Descent Of The Statistician
          Priceonomics, 10/13/15
          "Statistics was primarily developed to help people deal with pre-computer data
          problems like testing the impact of fertilizer in agriculture, or figuring out the
          accuracy of an estimate from a small sample.  Data science emphasizes the data
          problems of the 21st Century, like accessing information from large databases,
          writing code to manipulate data, and visualizing data."


          One Parent's Story of Hiring A College Advisor
          New York Times, 9/20/15


          Kids And Schools Grapple With New Yes-Means-Yes Laws
          New York Times, 10/14/15


          Is 2015 The Year Of Identity Politics?
          New York Times, 10/6/15


          'Forest Schools' And The Growing 'Free Range Kid' Movement
          Medium, 10/14/15


          On Teaching Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
          Guardian, 10/12/15

          Are History And Historical Fiction One And The Same?
          Guardian, 10/15/15


          A 20 Minute Peer Editing Format
          Spencer Ideas, 10/12/15

          Here Are Some Podcasts On Teaching
          Chronicle Of Higher Education, 9/8/15


          Should Teaching Have Tiers Of Expertise?
          KQED, 10/12/15


          Google Books Gains Legal Support For Scanning Every Book
          TechDirt, 10/16/15


          Does The Internet/Facebook Actually Make Us More Empathetic?
          New York Times, 10/9/15

          Compulsive Texting Shows Similar Traits As Compulsive Gambling
          New York Times, 10/12/15


          Recreational Math As Bringer Of Joy And Curiosity To Students
          New York Times, 10/12/15

          Engineer Builds Electromagnetic 'Hammer of Thor'
          CNET, 10/13/15


          Could Climate Change Be An Accident, Not The Result of Greed?
          NPR, 10/6/15


          Researchers Create Artificial Skin That Is Pressure Sensitive
          Stanford, 10/15/15

          Tesla Gets Closer To The Self-Driving Car
          Inc., 10/15/15


          Consider Getting Rid Of The Desk In Your Classroom
          Edutopia, 8/4/15


          An Old E. B. White Story Teaches The Ills Of Helicopter Parenting
          Acculturated, 10/15/15

          'How To Raise An Adult' Continues March Against Helicopter Parents
          Washington Post, 10/16/15

          Maybe Helicopter Parenting Isn't Bad For Kids After All?
          Washington Post, 10/9/15

          Do Close Relationships With Teachers Help Student Performance?
          NPR, 10/13/15