October 17 - October 25, 2015

The Deans for Impact synopsis of the cognitive science of learning is a terrific resource, made under advisement by Daniel Willingham, a respected name in the field.  That said, there are some generalizations that blogger Steven Downes has pointed out aren't quite accurate.  Still, it's a mostly strong collection of what is known about how the brain works.

Molly Worthen's NYT feature article on lectures makes a notable argument for the active skills promoted through lectures.  It's a compelling and meaningful read that predictably generated a strong rebuttal from the blogosphere (also featured) and a number of posts satirizing polarized thinkpieces published in lofty journals.  

These satires, included in the Pedagogy section, are wonderful.  

And David Brooks' featured post, responding to "Most Likely to Succeed," hits on the obvious truth that there is a time for every method, an obvious fact that doesn't make headlines often enough.



          In Defense Of The Lecture: A Pedagogical, Historical, Mindful View
          New York Times, 10/17/15
          "There are sound reasons for sticking with the traditional model of the large lecture
          course combined with small weekly discussion sections.  Lectures are essential for
          teaching the humanities' most basic skills: comprehension and reasoning, skills
          whose value extends beyond the classroom to the essential demands of working life
          and citizenship."

          Rebuttal: The Lecture Doesn't Hold Up Against Active Learning
          Josh Eyler, 10/20/15
          "[The author] ignores decades worth of research and relies almost exclusively on
          anecdote.  It's hard to build a case that way.  In what follows, I want to get to the
          bottom of all of the assumptions that underpin Worthen's piece by closely reading
          passages from the essay itself, which I've placed in bold font."

          David Brooks: Balancing Old School With "Most Likely To Succeed"
          New York Times, 10/16/15
          "The documentary is about relationships, not subject matter.  In the school, too,
          teachers cover about half as much content as in a regular school.  Long stretches of
          history and other subject curriculums are effectively skipped.  Students do not
          develop conventional study habits.  The big question is whether such a shift from
          content to life skills is the proper response to a high-tech economy.  I'd say it's at
          best a partial response."

          A Detailed, Referenced Synopsis Of The Cognitive Science Of Learning
          Deans for Impact, 10/12/15 [report]
          "The purpose of [this report: "The Science of Learning"] is to summarize the
          existing research from cognitive science related to how students learn, and connect
          this research to its practical implications for teaching and learning.  This document
          is intended to serve as a resource to teacher-educators, new teachers, and anyone in
          the education profession who is interested in our best scientific understanding of
          how learning takes place.  This document identifies six key questions about learning
          that should be relevant to nearly every educator.  Deans for Impact believes that, as
          part of their preparation, every teacher-candidate should grapple with -- and be
          able to answer -- the questions in The Science of Learning."


          Fed Gov't: No More Than 2% Of Class Time To Be Spent Taking Tests
          New York Times, 10/24/15

          On The Challenge Of Measuring Learning [video]
          EduCause/YouTube, 8/17/15


          Stanford Researchers Explore Six Factors In Decision-Making
          Stanford, 10/16/15

          A Different Way Of Thinking About How Motivation Works
          Farnam Street, 10/15/15

          Exercise, Pills, Brain Games? How The Brain Can Get Smarter
          New York Times, 10/16/15

          Waking From Sleep: More To Do With Temperature Than Light?[video]
          New York Times, 10/16/15


          BlackLivesMatter And The Civil Rights Movement Of Today
          Wired, 10/1/15

          A New Collaborative Admissions Process To Improve Diversity
          New York Times, 10/18/15

          How To Be A Male Ally For Women At Work (Via The Tech Industry)
          LinkedIn, 10/19/15

          3 Reasons Why Diverse Schools Are Better For White Kids
          NPR, 10/19/15


          Early Childhood Apps That Actually Help Learning
          Brilliant Blog, 10/19/15


          Colleges Do Teach Critical Thinking Skills, Despite The Fuss
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 10/20/15


          Revisiting The Salem Witch Trials
          Atlantic, 11/1/15

          Digital Public Library Of America Releases "Primary Source Sets"
          Digital Public Library of America, 10/20/15

          Covering Shakespeare: Jeannette Winterson Rewrites Winter's Tale
          The Millions, 10/20/15

          How Self-Driving Cars Are Pushing Ethical Dilemmas
          MIT Technology Review, 10/22/15


          Top Five Drivers Of Parental Engagement
          Gallup, 10/20/15


          "How To Write An Essay About Teaching That Will Not Be Published..."
          The Little Professor, 10/18/15

          Satire Of The Innovation/Disruption/Buzzword Media World Today
          The Tattooed Professor, 10/19/15

          Teachers And Researchers Identify 19 High Leverage Practices
          TeachingWorks, 10/1/15

          Writing Brings Out Reason More Than Speech
          Stanford, 10/16/15

          Revisiting Gamification, And How To Do It Right
          The Next Web, 10/16/15


          The Data On First-Year Teacher Induction: What Helps?
          Kappan, 5/1/12

          The First Year Of Teaching: A Chronology Of Moods
          New Teacher Center, 8/17/11


          The Origin Of Ellipses?
          Guardian, 10/20/15


          Audrey Watters On The History Of The Robot As Private Tutor
          Hack Education, 10/22/15

          300,000+ Kids Enrolled In Schools Fully Online.  Is This Good?
          Politico, 10/1/15

          Have Ideas For A Tech Startup?  Here Are Your Accelerators
          EdSurge, 10/21/15


          A Playful Take On The Pleasure Of Community [video]
          School of Life/YouTube, 10/14/15

          Autonomous DeLorean Driving Precision Donuts.  That's All.
          Stanford, 10/20/15

          Terry Gross And The Art Of Conversation
          New York Times, 10/25/15

          What It Means To Be An Insider Or An Outsider (via Politics)
          Farnam Street, 10/14/15