October 4 - October 11, 2015

This week, find the focus group responses from last week's Pew survey on adolescent relationships and social media.  And: find broader data on social media usage over the last ten years, plus a defense of social media usage.

MIT's use of MOOC results as an admissions layer is unprecedented and interesting... not to mention its invention of an entirely new credential. Something's happening here...

Similarly novel is the MacArthur Foundation's new program, part of a growing movement to break school out of the schoolhouse.

And lastly, the lead article/book review on continuous improvement seems a critical reframing of how we think of progress in education.  While the review miscasts "ongoing professional development"--by discrediting what they, in fact, call for--it dispels the quick fix addiction that the education sector and education press to show.

Lots of good stuff--enjoy! 


          Continuous Improvement: Rethinking School Development
          EdExcellence, 9/9/15
          "After thirty years of constant reform and little improvement, it's clear that there's a
          fundamental flaw in how the education field goes about effecting change.  Quick
          fixes, sweeping transformations, and mandates aren't working.  Ongoing
          professional development isn't working either.  What might work much better is a
          sustained, systemic commitment to improvement--and a willingness to start with a
          series of small pilots instead of leaping into large-scale implementation.  Guided by
          'improvement science' pioneered in the medical field, 'Learning to Improve' shows
          how education could finally stop its reform churn."

          Why Inmates Upset Harvard In Debate: Preparation & Persistence
          Washington Post, 10/7/15
          "If debate is equal parts rhetorical flourish and strategy, it's worth asking whether
          circumstance forced the prisoners to devise an approach -- in which limited
          resources demanded sharper focus and more rigorous planning -- that resulted in
          superior lines of argumentation."

          Results From Pew's Teens, Technology, And Romance Focus Groups
          Pew Internet, 10/11/15
          "Many teens in our focus groups described flirting with a crush by liking their
          photos or posting a comment on their social media profile.  These interactions have
          their own unwritten -- but widely understood -- rules.  Everything from one's choice
          of emoji to the spelling of the word 'hey' can carry a deeper meaning."


          MIT Uses MOOC Performance As Admission Test To Masters Program
          MIT, 10/7/15


          Five Ways To Feel Better About (And Get The Most Out Of) Testing
          New York Times, 10/5/15


          Six Key Insights From The Science Of Learning
          Edutopia, 10/9/15

          A Deep Dive Into Whether We Can Learn While Sleeping (Or Should)
          Aeon, 10/2/15


          More Thoughts On What It Takes To Be Creative Successfully
          Quartz, 10/8/15

          On The Role Of Rivalry In Creativity
          Aeon, 10/8/15


          Statistics, Being Human, And Fighting Bias (via Baseball)
          Pacific Standard, 10/7/15


          Should We Be Angry About People Rewriting Shakespeare?
          New Yorker, 10/6/15

          Algerian Kemal Daoud Writes Novel In Response To 'The Stranger'
          New York Times, 6/8/15

          Was The Constitution Written To Create American Kings?
          Wall Street Journal, 10/23/14


          Suggestions For Getting The Most Out Of An Uninspired Team
          Harvard Business Review, 8/13/15


          How Far Can We Extend Play-Based Education?
          Atlantic, 10/1/15

          How Far Can We Extend 'Self-Organized Learning Environments'?
          KQED, 10/7/15


          "Social Media Usage: 2005-2015"
          Pew Internet, 10/8/15

          In Defense Of Social Media Tools
          Pacific Standard, 10/2/15


          Video Games Continue To Grow As College eSports
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 10/6/15


          MacArthur Foundation Launches Integrated Learning Program
          MacArthur Program, 10/6/15

          Larry Cuban Chastens The Dash To be Data-Driven
          Larry Cuban, 10/6/15