November 1 - November 8, 2015

Good systems thinking this week in several areas:

The Center for Curriculum Redesign offers a framework for conceptually organizing the various conversations surfacing in education today: character, mindset, skills, etc.

Also, a blog entry about school PD offers a thoughtful approach to thinking longitudinally about how a community grows.

Also also, some fun: the BuzzFeed teacher memes are a treat... Enjoy!


          Four Learning Goals: Knowledge, Skills, Character, Meta-Learning
          Center for Curriculum Redesign, 10/29/15
          "The foundational reason for why we find it difficult to rebuild school curricula
          around the needs of the modern world is that we lack an organizing framework that
          can help prioritise educational competencies, and systematically structure the
          conversation around what individuals should learn at various stages of their
          development.  Four-dimensional education provides a clear and actionable first-
          of-its-kind organizing framework of competencies needed for this century."


          Interrupted Sleep Is Worse Than Not Enough Sleep
          Pacific Standard, 11/2/15


          On The Difference Between Training And Education
          Stanford, 11/3/15


          Yale Commits $50 Million To Enhancing Faculty Diversity
          Yale, 11/3/15


          This Interactive Timeline Of Human History Is Beautiful
, 10/11/15

          Tolkein, Lewis, And The Inklings: A Literary Circle For The Ages
          Atlantic, 9/1/15


          12 Recommendations For Building A PD Program At Your School
          SmartBlogs, 11/4/15


          Desmos Enhances Its Activity Builder
          Desmos, 11/3/15


          Google Cardboard: Low-Cost VR With A Smartphone
          History Tech, 11/2/15

          The Ed-Tech World Is Booming.  Are the Outcomes Booming, Too?
          Atlantic, 11/6/15

          Margaret Atwood On Technology's Role In Fiction Writing
          Fast Company, 10/29/15

          People Are Listening To Podcasts And Video At Faster Speeds
          Boston Globe, 11/5/15

          New Glass Is Nearly As Strong As Steel.  Possibilities Abound.
          Gizmodo, 10/30/15


          How Are Those 6 Hour Work Days Going In Sweden?
          BBC, 11/2/15


          Tips For Getting Down To Practice When You Don't Want To
          Creativity Post, 11/4/15

          61 Teacher Memes
          BuzzFeed, 10/22/15

          A History Of The Backpack
          NPR, 11/2/15

          The Story Of The Charlie Brown Theme Music
          Wall Street Journal, 11/2/15