November 8 - November 15, 2015

We are most certainly in the midst of a period of civil rights unrest that future history books will feature.  This week elicited a number of articles in the category of diversity and inclusion.  Among many other worthy reads, the syllabus for the NYU Black Lives Matter course suggests further good reading.

The ASCD read on shaping good faculty meetings is also particularly helpful--and much more.



          Don't Learn To Code, Learn How Code Works: 5 Reasons To Study CS
          Forbes, 10/31/15
          "I think about [my kids'] digital futures in precisely the same way that I believe all
          schools should think about educating our children: equip young people with
          technological agency; make sure they know how to apply their critical thinking,
          entrepreneurial, creative, and social skills by wielding digital tools.  To do so, all
          kids will need an introduction to coding--not so that they are able to code, but
          rather so that they are capable of truly grasping these five fundamentals..."


          Prosecutors Talk About How They Respond To Teenage Sexting
          New York Times, 11/13/15


          Learn Self-Control By Revisiting Goals, Not Practicing Patience
          Pacific Standard, 11/12/15

          Group Music/Ukulele Lessons Apparently Improve Empathy
          Pacific Standard, 11/12/15


          More Colleges Are Offering Programs For Creating Drones [Podcast]
          WBEZ, 11/9/15


          NYU Has A Course On #BlackLivesMatter
          NPR, 11/9/15 [syllabus]

          Racial Tensions Boil At Yale. Missteps Everywhere.
          Atlantic, 11/9/15

          A Different Take On The Events At Yale
          Vox, 11/10/15

          Schools Often Shape How Students Think Of Inequality
          NPR, 11/14/15

          Some Statistics On Racial Disparities In Higher Ed
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 11/10/15

          How Peanuts Introduced Its First Character Of Color
          Brain Pickings, 11/3/15


          The Fourth Annual Harry Potter Academic Conference...
          Pacific Standard, 11/9/15

          Hundreds Of Unopened 17th Century Letters Found In Netherlands
          Guardian, 11/8/15


          Why We Have Such A Small Vocabulary For Smell
          Atlantic, 11/6/15


          Recommendations For Planning Great Faculty Meetings
          ASCD, 1/1/07


          New York Times Explores Annotation: Paper, Online, More
          New York Times, 11/12/15


          National Demographics Of AP Computer Science Students
          Education Week, 11/3/15

          Some Guidelines For Educational Screen Time With Kids
          KQED, 11/11/15


          Early Research On Health Risks Of E-Cigarettes
          Reuters, 11/9/15