December 6 - December 13, 2015

The end of year reports are coming in, and with provocative ideas:

The Innovative Pedagogy Report contains a few items to chuckle about ("Learning through argumentation"... really?  That's new?), but otherwise captures good practices and shares where to find more information about them.  It's a good link if you don't dismiss it outright for its shortcomings.

Audrey Watters' "Top Ed Tech Trends of 2015" series offers in-depth looks at stories that emerged over the course of the year, stories that sometimes only indirectly involve tech. These are great reports with typical Watters wit.

And Steve Blank's blog turns out consistent gems for leaders looking to drive innovation.  He's currently writing a series on innovation outposts, a series geared to people driving slow-moving organizations in fast-moving industries.


          Distractions And The Dangers Of Pseudo-Depth
          Cal Newport, 12/12/15
          "Switching your attention -- even if only for a minute or two -- can significantly
          impede your cognitive function for a long time to follow.  More bluntly: context
          switches gunk up your brain.  This effect has been validated from many angles in
          academic psychology and related fields."

          Who Will Save Math?  Dan Meyer, Not Sal Khan
          New Republic, 12/1/15
          "Meyer thinks technology can change the math classroom's reputation as a dull,
          mystifying, and even traumatizing place.  But he doesn't think tech can fix
          everything. 'There's limitations on what kinds of work can be done on a computer
          without a teacher... You'll never see a free-form argument of the sort that students
          do in our best live classrooms--and those are the sorts of skills that we cherish and
          reward in modern working life.'"

          Diversity Leads To Better Decision Making In Groups
          Campus Technology, 12/7/15
          "When surrounded by others of the same ethnicity or race, participants were more
          likely to copy others, in the wrong direction.  Mistakes spread as participants
          seemingly put undue trust in others' answers, mindlessly imitating them.  In the
          diverse groups, across ethnicities and locales, participants were more likely to
          distinguish between wrong and accurate answers.  Diversity brought cognitive
          friction that enhanced deliberation."


          Young Adult Use Of Cigarettes Way Down, But Tobacco Use...
          Gallup, 12/10/15

          E-Cigarette Flavoring Linked To Lung Disease
          Harvard, 12/8/15


          Op-Ed: Should Football Require A Legal Age Of Consent To Play?
          New York Times, 12/7/15


          On Letting Kids Fail
          New York Magazine, 12/7/15

          On The Difference Between Losing And Being Beaten
          Farnam Street, 12/2/14

          Optimism Leads To Better Outcomes.  Here's How.
          Edutopia, 12/9/15

          Business Schools Assign And Discuss Novels To Foster Empathy
          Baffler, 12/10/15


          Memory Champion Explains How A Memory Palace Works [video]
          Wired/YouTube, 12/7/15

          On How Humility Enhances Self-Control
          Pacific Standard, 12/9/15


          Discursive Design: The Design Industry Turns Pedagogical
          Core77, 12/10/15

          Creativity Requires A Flexible Way To Record Ideas
          Fast Company, 11/30/15

          Find More Questions Before Searching For Creative Solutions
          99u, 12/7/15


          Grinnell College: A Model For Elite School + Socioeconomic Diversity
          Hechinger Report, 12/9/15


          On Blocks And Free Play (vs. Minecraft) In Elementary Schools
          NPR, 12/3/15


          4 Of 5 Parents Are Questioning The Value Of College, Says Survey
          Campus Technology, 12/7/15


          Ta-Nehisi Coates On Hope: It Shouldn't Be A Part Of Writing History
          Atlantic, 12/10/15


          Organizational Growth, Part 1: The Evolution Of The R & D Lab
          Steve Blank, 11/21/15

          Organizational Growth, Part 2: The Innovation Outpost
          Steve Blank, 12/1/15

          Organizational Growth, Part 3: Avoiding Innovation Theater
          Steve Blank, 12/8/15


          "Innovative Pedagogies" That Are Gaining Traction In 2015
          Open University, 12/2/15 [Report]


          On Whether Computers Will Be Able To Learn To Read
          Priceonomics, 12/11/15

          What It Means To Grow Up When Books And Albums Are Digital
          New York Times, 12/5/15


          Teen Use Of Facebook Remains Consistent At 78%
          Gadgets, 12/8/15


          Phones Affect Posture; Posture Affects Mood...
          New York Times, 12/12/15

          US DOE Publishes 2016 National Education Technology Plan
          EdSurge, 12/10/15 [Report]


          Top Ed Tech Trends Of 2015: Credits And Credentialing
          Hack Education, 12/9/15

          Top Ed Tech Trends Of 2015: The Employability Narrative
          Hack Education, 12/7/15

          Researchers Actually Explore The Psychology Of Being A Geek
          Pacific Standard, 12/8/15

          A Linguistic Analysis Of The "YouTube Voice" Of Famous YouTubers
          Atlantic, 12/7/15

          Rap Has The Largest Vocabulary Of Songwriting Genres
          Musixmatch, 12/3/15