December 27, 2015 - January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

Amidst many other great articles, the two posts on stories and storytelling dive into a subject I've been interested in for a while: how do stories work, and how do stories work on us?  The Atlantic article looks at stories over time and teases out some similarities, and Maria Konnikova's article in the New Yorker dives into the cognitive psychology in new and interesting ways.  

Also, the "No suspensions" article is compelling.  It seems something all schools should adopt, but it isn't easy, and that always slows things down...

Lastly, the article on the pleasures and perils of swearing is a good read for a new year.  



          Teachers Illustrate Their Lesson Planning Processes
          Planning Process Illustrated, 1/1/16
          "When asked to illustrate the planning process, teachers across the country shared
          these images--responses that reveal the great variety of ways one can approach the
          extraordinarily complex profession of teaching.  These are a testament to the art
          and science of teaching.  We hope you find their work as thought provoking as we
          do, and we invite you to try this with your colleagues."


          How Teenagers Feel About Apps On Their Phones
          New York Times, 1/1/16

          Self-Regulation: A Key Developmental Skill For Adolescents
          KQED, 12/21/15


          8 More Brain Facts That Emerged Or Were Affirmed In 2015
          Huffington Post, 12/26/15

          Having A Purpose Helps Self-Regulation
          Pacific Standard, 12/23/15

          A Higher IQ In Childhood Appears To Predict Longer Life
          Scientific American, 12/22/15


          Steven Pinker: What Core Lessons Might We Learn From History?
          Farnam Street, 12/22/15


          Brookings Ranks Colleges And Universities By "Value Added"
          Brookings, 10/29/15


          Are All Stories The Same Story?  On Storytelling And Invention
          Atlantic, 1/1/16

          How Stories Work (via Scam Artists)
          New Yorker, 12/29/15


          A Brilliant Approach To Improving Deliberate Practice
          Bulletproof Musician, 10/12/14


          Is String Theory Science? When Science Meets Philosophy...
          Scientific American, 12/23/15


          Computers Can Predict Whether Images Will Be Memorable
          Atlantic, 12/24/15


          The Professional Benefits (And Risks) Of Swearing
          Atlantic, 1/1/16

          NYTimes Best Graphics Of 2015: Longform, Data Viz, and More
          New York Times, 12/31/15

          "The Right Dose Of Exercise For A Longer Life"
          New York Times, 4/15/15

          No Suspensions: One School's Restorative Justice Program
          Hechinger Report, 12/29/15