January 10 - January 17, 2016

Several articles this week promote approaches to teaching math.  These articles offer helpful new ways of thinking, while at the same time often doing disservices to good teachers by painting the present state of math teaching as being universally ill. 

Reading Obama's college review of The Waste Land is a stark reminder that our president was/is a real intellect.

And, while not expressly about education, the article about outcome-oriented thinking as less desirable than evidence-based thinking prompts for me a number of questions about how I set goals when planning classes.



          Does Carol Dweck Think We're Overdoing Growth Mindset Praise?
          Quartz, 1/12/16
          "Effort itself has become praise-worthy without the goal it was meant to unleash:
          learning.  Parents tell her that they have a growth mindset, but then they react with
          anxiety or false affect to a child's struggle or setback. 'They need a learning reaction
          - "what did you do?", "what can we do next?"' Dweck says."

          The Onion's 13 Best Articles On Higher Ed
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 1/15/16
          "Nobel Fever Grips Research Community As Prize Swells To $190 Million... 
          College Unveils New Media Center Every Month..."

          Measurement vs. Love
          New York Times, 1/16/16
          "Our businesslike efforts to measure and improve quality are now blocking the
          altruism, indeed the love, that motivates people to enter the helping professions.
          While we're figuring out how to get better, we need to tread more lightly in
          assessing the work of professionals who practice in our most human and sacred


          5 Ways Admissions Processes Shut Out Poor Students
          NPR, 1/15/16


          How To Teach Resilience: Competence, Failure, Meaning
          Guardian, 1/12/16

          Where Confidence (And Lack Of It) Comes From
          School of Life/YouTube, 12/2/15

          The Exhaustion Of Empathy
          Harvard Business Review, 2/1/16


          A Deep Look At Whether Fairness Is Innate Or Culturally Learned
          New Yorker, 1/7/16


          Highly Sensitive People And Creativity
          Creativity Post, 1/11/16

          Green: The Color Of Creativity?
          Pacific Standard, 1/12/16


          More On How Those Piano Lessons Changed Your Life
          Mic, 1/8/16


          What Makes A Successful Diversity Initiative: Accountability
          Fortune, 1/13/16

          India Now Has The World's Largest Diaspora
          Quartz, 1/14/16

          A History Of "They" As Gender Neutral Pronoun
          NPR, 1/13/16


          Preschool: 4 Hours A Day In The Forest
          New York Times, 12/29/15


          David Brooks On Beauty
          New York Times, 1/15/16

          Obama Reviews Eliot's The Waste Land For His College Girlfriend
          New York Review of Books, 1/4/16


          Avoiding Toxic Workers Is More Important Than Hiring Superstars
          Harvard Business Review, 12/9/15


          Mindfulness Without Changing Your Day
          New York Magazine, 1/13/16


          Evidence-Based Is Better Than Outcome-Oriented (via Gov't Policy)
          Stanford Social Innovation Review, 1/13/16

          One School's Student Survey: How Much Homework Do You Do?
          Westminster Teaching, 1/5/16


          A Deep Dive Into Research On Reading On Digital Devices
          Nautilus, 1/7/16


          2 Ways To Teach Real-World Math, And A Sample Lesson
          Medium, 1/13/16

          On Shifting Math From "Getting It Right" To Learning
          Atlantic, 12/31/16

          Unanimity Is A Statistical Improbability - And Is Best Questioned
          Phys, 1/4/16


          11 Emerging Trends In Education
          iNACOL, 12/31/15

          Wikipedia Turns 15
          Pew Research, 1/14/16

          Teacher Salaries Around The World
          Chalk, 1/11/16

          On The Renaissance Of Board Games
          The Star, 1/14/16