January 17 - January 24, 2016

Snow days are on the mind of many.  See the tech section for how schools seem to be reclaiming those hours of freedom, for better or for...

Also, more research on sleep in the cognitive science section, which has several good tidbits this week on how the brain works.

The feature article this week is an important one, but a good bit of fun is also the syllabus searching tool linked below.  What are the most commonly taught texts?  See how often a given text is taught in a given discipline.  

Happy hunting!


          Is the College Admissions Process About To Radically Change?
          New York Times, 1/19/16
          "Over recent years there's been a steady escalation of concern about the admissions
          process at the most revered, selective American colleges.  And little by little, those
          colleges have made tweaks.  But I get the thrilling sense that something bigger is
          about to give.  The best evidence is a report to be released on Wednesday.  I
          received an advance copy... Scores of educators--including the presidents and deans
          of admission at many of the country's elite institutions of higher education--
          contributed to or endorsed it.  Top administrators from Yale, MIT, and the
          University of Michigan are scheduled to participate in a news conference at which
          it's unveiled."


          Yale Suggests How To Learn Best (via Medical School)
          Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, 1/6/14

          The Harder It Is To Learn Something, The More We Remember It
          Harvard Business Review, 11/4/15

          What Are The Triggers That Lead To "I Just Snapped"?
          New York Magazine, 1/20/16

          Less Sleep = More Stress
          Medical News Today, 1/18/16

          Does Sleeping In On The Weekend Make Up For A Sleepless Week?
          Pacific Standard, 1/18/16

          The Brain's Capacity Might Be 10x Greater Than Previously Thought
          Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence, 1/20/16


          Search 1 Million Syllabuses
          New York Times, 1/22/16


          High Achieving Students Give More Positive Feedback, And...
          eSchool News, 1/19/16


          Is Close Reading A Recent Educational Goal?  What Was Before?
          The Smart Set, 1/13/16

          Antidote To The Shrinking Attention Span: Reading Books
          The New York Times, 1/22/16


          An Idea For Teaching Kids To Write Quality Comments (via Blogs)
          Cooper On Curriculum, 1/17/16

          John Rassias: Professor, Performer, Pedagogy Guru
          Atlantic, 1/17/16


          The Best Teacher Training Seems To Be Through Apprenticeship
          Hechinger Report, 1/15/16


          15 Of The 16 Hottest Years On Record Have Occurred Since 2001
          Pacific Standard, 1/21/16

          By 2050, There Will Be More Plastic In The Ocean Than Fish
          Washington Post, 1/21/16


          How Schools Have Enabled Learning On Snow Days
          Washington Post, 1/21/16

          More On How Snow Days Are Becoming e-Learning Days
          Education Dive, 1/15/16

          An Uber For Substitute Teachers
          BostInno, 1/19/16

          What People Were Saying About Facebook Before It Got Big
          Digg, 1/21/16


          What Lies Can We Justify? 10,000 People Chime In
          New York Times, 1/14/16

          Tips From A Successful Teen Entrepreneur
          Inc., 1/21/16

          A Scholarly Analysis Of Powerpoint.  No, Really.
          Computational Culture, 1/15/16