January 24 - January 31, 2016

Just an extraordinary amount of interesting news this week.  The featured articles span college admissions, diversity/inclusion, global change in tech, and more.

Elsewhere, the intersection of technology and the workplace have led to a host of tools that might on the one hand enhance our work, but might also, on the other hand, tether us ever to our devices.  This week has brought several reactions to this trend. Do we need to unplug? Software that has brought us more in contact with each other now offers ways to draw lines.

Also this week: what helps makes a creative workspace, what happens when poet laureates make video games, and much more.


          Protecting Some Students From Stereotype Threat Benefits All
          Stanford, 1/25/16
          "The findings showed that the classrooms with higher concentrations of African
          American students protected from stereotype threat by the intervention triggered
          higher academic performances among all classmates -- regardless of race or
          participation in the intervention."

          The Challenge Of Being An Introverted Teacher
          Atlantic, 1/25/16
          "A few studies suggest that introverted teachers--especially those who may have
          falsely envisioned teaching as a career involving calm lectures, one-on-one
          interactions, and grading papers quietly with a cup of tea--are at risk of burning
          out.  And when these teachers leave for alternate careers, it comes at a cost to
          individual children and school districts at large."

          World Economic Forum Surveys Tipping Points In Global Tech
          World Economic Forum, 9/1/15
          "The World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council... aims to help the broader
          society navigate the transition to to the future digital and hyperconnected world by
          explaining the societal impacts generated by major technology trends and the new
          business models in plain language, and through engaging, accessible media.  This
          report is the first of its kind -- one aimed at trying to capture some of the deep shifts
          occurring in society as a result of software and services, and to encourage everyone
          to think about the impact of these changes on our society and how to prepare for
          the changes ahead."

          Engineering Teacher Offers Critique Of Maker Culture
          Atlantic, 1/23/15
          "I want to see us recognize the work of the educators, those that analyze and
          characterize and critique, everyone who fixes things, all the other people who do
          valuable work with and for others--above all, the caregivers--whose work isn't about
          something you can put in a box and sell."

          "Turning The Tide": The Great Effort To Change College Admissions
          Harvard Graduate School of Education, 1/20/16 [full report]
          "[This] represents the first time that a broad coalition of colleges and universities
          have joined forces in a unified effort calling for widespread change in the college
          admissions process.  The report includes concrete recommendations to reshape the
          college admissions process and promote greater ethical engagement among
          aspiring students, reduce excessive achievement pressure, and level the playing
          field for economically disadvantaged students.  It is the first step in a two-year
          campaign that seeks to substantially reshape the existing college admissions


          Or Is Even The College Admissions Revision Misguided?
          New Yorker, 1/28/16


          What Apps Do Teens Use?  (Survey of 60 Teens)
          Business Insider, 1/18/16


          New York State Tests Will No Longer Be Timed (Through Grade 8)
          New York Times, 1/27/16


          4 Ways To Develop A Growth Mindset In Math
          Harvard Graduate School Of Education, 1/16/16


          Reminder: The Left/Right Brain Divide Is False
          UPI, 1/27/16


          5 Ways Leaders Can Foster Creativity In The Workplace
          Chicago Tribune, 1/25/16


          "CS+X": A Major That Mixes Computer Science And The Humanities
          Chronicle of Higher Education, 1/28/16


          On The Difference Between Diversity And Inclusion (via Hollywood)
          New York Times, 1/25/16


          Physicists Analyze Literature, Find "Multifractal Cascades" ... What?
          EurekAlert, 1/21/16

          Meanwhile, Artists Reduce Literature To Punctuation
          Fast Company, 1/21/16

          Robert Pinsky: Video Game Designer (Really!)
          New Yorker, 1/21/16


          4 Characteristics Of Great Executives
          Harvard Business Review, 1/19/16


          A Look At TeachersPayTeachers And Other Lesson Sharing Sites
          Medium, 1/20/16


          Modular Origami: An Introduction To Geometry
          Scholastic, 1/22/16

          Guy Writes Program, Builds Robot, Solves Rubik's Cube In 1 Second
          YouTube/Jay Flatland, 1/11/16

          The Beauty And Joy Of Teaching Computer Science
          NPR, 1/14/16


          One Step Closer To Bacteria That Produces Hydrogen At Scale
          University of Indiana, 1/4/16


          Google Builds AI To Beat Professional Players Of "Go"
          Pacific Standard, 1/28/16

          Man Goes offline For Three Days, And Doesn't Feel Much Better
          New Yorker, 1/27/16


          The Software That Connects Us Seeks To Now Establish Boundaries
          Fast Company, 1/26/16

          Too Much Collaboration = No Time For Personal Productivity
          Economist, 1/23/16

          Company Campuses And The Corporate Town
          Aeon, 1/22/16

          Increasing Maternity Leave Increases Retention
          Quartz, 1/28/16


          Does Following Your Calling Lead To Being Healthier?
          Pacific Standard, 1/25/16

          Microschools: The Return Of The One Room Schoolhouse
          EdWeek, 1/26/16

          12 Teachers On How To Be A Great Teacher
          NPR, 1/20/16