January 3 - January 10, 2016

How do you measure the success of a school?  The first feature article offers a few different benchmarks that seem reasonable, if you can measure them!

Also this week, explore the several articles on screen time.  And this time, each seems to take a different perspective, with the Association of Academic Psychiatrists (AAP) surprisingly being most welcoming.

These and others this week!


          School Leaders Agree On Three Measures Of Successful Schooling
          Gallup, 1/6/16
          "More than eight in 10 of the nation's chief K-12 education leaders say that student
          engagement with classwork, their hope for the future and the percentage of them
          who graduate from high school are "very important" measures of a public school's
          effectiveness... Superintendents are less likely to highly prioritize the paths students
          take after high school as a measure of a school's effectiveness."

          A Literary (Not Social Science) Look At The Effect Of Mobile Tech
          Times Literary Supplement, 12/23/15
          "While I like FaceTime and Skype, I prefer the faceless phone for important,
          emotional discussions, and Scott showed me why I feel that phone calls are more
          intimate.  A phone silence, he observes, 'is a thick rope tying two speakers together
          in the private void of the suspended conversation.  This bind may be unpleasant
          and to be avoided, but it isn't as estranging as its visual counterpart... silence can't
          cross the membrane of the computer screen as it can uncoil down phone lines.'"


          A Deep Exploration Into What Defines Adulthood
          Atlantic, 1/5/16


          More About The Neuromyth Of Learning Styles
          Quartz, 1/3/16

          Explaining The Neurological Experience Of Musical Improvisation
          Pacific Standard, 1/6/16


          Creativity: It Thrives On Contradiction And Complexity
          Quartz, 1/4/16


          The Difference Between British And American Storytelling
          Atlantic, 1/6/16

          Hamilton, The Musical, vs. Hamilton, The Biography [paywall]
          New York Review of Books, 1/14/16


          Some Research On What Attracts High Quality Candidates
          Gallup, 1/4/16


          A Deep Look Into Facebook's News Feed Algorithm
          Slate, 1/3/16


          Update Your Periodic Table--Scientists Make Four New Elements
          Chemistry World, 1/7/16

          Evidence That We Are In A New Geological Age: The Anthropocene
          Guardian, 1/7/16


          Harvesting Energy From Small Bends, i.e. Walking
          MIT, 1/6/16


          Beware!  The Psychology Of Screen Time
          Psychology Today, 8/18/15

          AAP: Maybe Screen Time Isn't So Bad?
          NPR, 1/6/16

          Holograms You Can Touch.  Increasingly, The Future Is Now...
          Quartz, 1/1/16


          How Dress Codes Affect Men And Women (via Silicon Valley)
          Quartz, 1/6/16

          Two Tips For Effective Meetings
          Inc., 1/8/16


          A Curriculum For Consent At College Campuses
          New York Times, 1/9/16

          "Worldschooling": Taking Your Family On The Road
          Medium, 1/7/16

          Texas School Triples Recess Time
          Kera News, 1/3/16

          The Debate Continues About The Benefits Of Bilingualism
          Salon, 1/4/16