February 14 - February 21, 2016

Finally, justification for getting those papers back late! It looks like immediate feedback isn't always the best feedback.  See the feature article for more...

Also, I'm a fan of the two articles by Cal Newport in this week's issue--one about the perils of email (and how to avoid them), and the other about protecting our attention in a stimulus-driven age.

Many other great ones this week, but these are a good start--enjoy!


Surprise: Maybe Feedback Is Better When It's Delayed...!
EdSurge, 2/16/16
"Recent studies are breathing new life into delayed feedback.  One such study looks at an undergraduate engineering course at University of Texas, El Paso.  Students in the course submitted a weekly homework assignment and either received feedback immediately, or a week later.  Several weeks later all students completed a similar problem on the exam.  The students who received delayed feedback scored higher on the exam than those who received immediate feedback."

Stress Is Fear, And Relationships Make It Go Away
Fast Company, 2/8/16
"The point is that relationships among employees can help disperse fear across an organization, rather than forcing individuals to carry those burdens alone.  The encouragement and goodwill alone that those connections generate can improve employees' mental, emotional, and even physical health.  What's more, the know-how and resources that come from associating with capable people help teams develop collaborative skills for dealing with fear-inducing episodes."


Video Chat And The Admissions Process - A Whole New Direction?
NPR, 2/10/16


Textual Chemistry: Relationship Compatibility In The Digital Age
Time, 2/12/16


Former Student-Athletes Are More Likely To Be Thriving In Life
Gallup, 2/17/16


Can You Learn Character Online?
EdSurge, 2/16/16


Links Between Sleep And Effective Leadership
Harvard Business Review, 2/16/16

Different Types Of Exercise Help The Brain In Different Ways
New York Times, 2/17/16

Surprise: Do Our Brains Function *Better* In The Winter?
New York Magazine, 2/14/16

Cognitive Fatigue: People Do Worse On Tests Later In The Day
Pacific Standard, 2/15/16


Pursue Projects That Work: Try To Kill Your Darlings (via Google)
Medium, 2/15/16


More About Music Enhancing Learning... And Mood
KQED, 2/18/16

A Warm Fuzzy List Of How Music Is Good For You
Pulptastic, 2/16/16


Famous Writers On Why Political Correctness Is A Good Thing
WNYC, 2/16/16

"A Collection Of Resources For Teaching Social Justice"
Cult of Pedagogy, 2/14/16


A Summer Hemingway Conference: For Teachers And Scholars
Hemingway Society, 7/17/16

Statistically Understanding Suspense In Literature
Stanford, 2/18/16

The "Bad" Quarto: The First Printing Of Hamlet
Chronicle of Higher Education, 2/7/16

On Using The Case Method To Teach History
Atlantic, 2/10/16


When One Teacher Gives Her (College) Class To Her Students
EdSurge, 2/11/16

Susan Cain's Book On Introverts Becomes "The Quiet Revolution"
NPR, 2/18/16


Tools For Online Teacher Coaching
Hechinger Report, 2/17/16

An OECD Index Of Teacher Professionalism, Worldwide
THE Journal, 2/16/16

"Digital Promise" Leads The Way With Micro-credentials For Teachers
eSchool News, 2/16/16


An Interview With Robert Caro: On Reading And Writing
Gothamist, 2/17/16


The Best Visualization Of Why The Area Of A Circle is πr2
YouTube/MathematicsOnline, 3/18/11


The Great Barrier Reef And Destruction By Climate Change
Pacific Standard, 2/15/16

Peak Paper Has Passed, And Our Consumption Continues To Slow
Aeon, 2/12/16


The Promise Of Tech Is Not Disruption.  It's These Simple Benefits:
Medium, 2/17/16

A Cube-Shaped Robot That Hops, Skips, Spins, And Jumps
Stanford, 2/3/16

Data On Enrollment In And Perceptions Of Online Learning
Online Learning Consortium, 2/9/16


Mattel Makes $300 3D Printer For Kids
TechCrunch, 2/15/16

And University Researchers Can Now Print Cartilage And Bone
Business Insider, 2/15/16


On Sabbaticals And Higher Life-Satisfaction
Quartz, 2/18/16

"A Manifesto For Small Teams Doing Important Work"
Seth Godin, 2/18/16

A Deconstruction Of Why Email Is Bad, And What To Do About It
Harvard Business Review, 2/18/16


David Brooks On The Trouble Of Focus In A Digital Age
New York Times, 6/2/14

Protect Your Time: Write An Attention Charter
Cal Newport, 2/16/16