January 31 - February 7, 2016

The feature article on micro-credentials is about teacher professional development, but applies just as well to what can be done in student classrooms.  What would happen if you replaced every use of the word "teacher" with "student"?  I think it's a glimpse of things to come.

The article on the MIT Dean stepping down to form a new university is something of a teaser.  The vision is vague and the university is years away, if it gets built, and so there's no sense of the details, but both she (the Dean) and the article ask compelling questions.  People are really moving on some of these large issues surrounding good pedagogy.

Enjoy these, and more!


7 Lessons From Working With Micro-Credentials/Badges
EdSurge, 1/30/16
"Micro-credentials can personalize professional learning to meet teachers' individual needs, and allow them to quickly take what they learn and apply it to their classrooms.  This new wave of personalized, competency=-based professional development provides a way for teachers to earn recognition for the skills they acquire through formal and informal learning opportunities."


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Psychology Today, 1/21/16


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MIT Dean Takes Leave To Start A University From The Ground Up
Chronicle of Higher Education, 2/1/16


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CBC, 2/4/16

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