February 28 - March 6, 2016

Great pairs of posts this week: some pedagogical tips for teaching math, professional development through peer connection, inclusion efforts regarding privilege and gender balance, digital education, and much more.

Enjoy this week's surprising range!


Florida Senate Approves Coding Classes For Foreign Language Req
Miami Herald, 2/24/16
"If it becomes law, the computer-coding measure -- which would take effect in the 2018-19 school year -- would be the first of its kind in the country... But critics of the proposal worry that it could dilute students' cultural education and place a burden on public schools that already lack adequate technology resources."

Students Recommend 25 NYT Articles For Women's History Month
New York Times, 3/3/16
"In honor of Women's History Month, we asked our spring Student Council -- 25 teenagers from all over the United States, as well as from China, South Korea, England, and Canada -- to search the Times and find the most interesting pieces they could on the broad topic of gender... They unearthed everything from a 1911 report on the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire and a 1972 Times review of "Free to Be ... You and Me" to current articles, videos and essays on Hillary Clinton, campus rape debates, gender pronouns, abortion, Title IX, parenting, and the struggles of the transgender community."

Don't Just Talk About Privilege: Get To Know Different People
Atlantic, 2/27/16
"These kids almost certainly don't need to spend any more time talking to classmates about what sets them apart from the world around them.  They need to have as many experiences as possible outside the privileged halls of their schools... They need to discover not just what makes them different, but what they share in common, and what they can learn from individuals who've taken different paths through life."


Ivy-League Football Coaches Vote To Eliminate Tackling In Practice
Chronicle of Higher Education, 3/1/16


(How) Should We Assess Grit?
New York Times, 3/1/16


The Deleterious Cognitive Effects Of Multitasking
Fast Company, 3/1/16


Building An Entrepreneurship Program?  Choose Goals Carefully.
Pacific Standard, 3/2/16

What Is The State Of Elementary School Coding Curricula?
EdSurge, 2/25/16


"How Leaders At Google, BuzzFeed, And More Make Decisions"
Fast Company, 3/1/16


10 Components Of Professional Development That Is Motivating
KQED, 2/29/16

Peer Assistance And Review (PAR): An Alternative To Evaluations
Medium, 3/2/16


4 Small Pedagogical Moves Math Teachers Can Make To Improve
Hechinger Report, 3/3/16

Should We Stop Math After Arithmetic And Teach Numeracy?
NPR, 3/3/16


What Uber's Future Implies About the Future Of Online Tutoring
EduKwest, 3/3/16

AltSchool And The Digitalization Of Education
New Yorker, 3/7/16


Reimagining Meetings: A Dive Into New Formats
New York Times, 2/28/16


Community Schools: A Decentralized Solution To Education
Medium, 3/4/16

Complaining Is Bad For Your Health
Inc., 2/29/16