March 6 - March 13, 2016

Many great choices this week, including delightful dyads on grade inflation, the new SAT, music, gender equity, and more.  I'm a particular fan of the student responses to the new SAT.  Some great, unprintable notes from kids...



Support Grows For Later School Start Time
Boston Globe, 3/10/16
"Now, several high schools across Massachusetts are exploring whether to follow suit.  The push for later start times is emerging in such districts as Belmont, Boston, Masconomet, Mashpee, Newton, and Wayland.  The state legislature is considering a bill to study the issue statewide."

"Screenagers" - A Documentary About Kids And Screens
New York Post, 3/12/16
"I learned that you spend on average 6.5 hours a day looking at screens.  As a doctor, I decided to learn the impact of all this screen time on kids.  And as a mom, I needed to know what to do."


What Is The "Coalition For Access, Affordability, And Success?"
KQED, 3/7/16


On How To Feed The Always Hungry Teenage Boy
New York Times, 3/7/16


Maybe We Shouldn't Worry About Grade Inflation
Washington Post, 3/4/16

Maybe Grade Inflation Is Only A Problem At Elite Schools
Bryan Alexander, 3/6/16

7 Sample Questions From The New SAT
Vox, 3/5/16

Kids Tweet After Taking The New SAT... Humor, Fear, Relief
Chronicle of Higher Education, 3/7/16


Is "Grit" The New Self-Esteem"?  Are We Rushing It?
NPR, 3/8/16


To Be More Creative, Imagine That You Are... More Creative
Telegraph, 3/4/16


A Reminder Of The Value Of A Liberal Arts Education
Washington Post, 3/5/16

On The Links Between Musical Training And Executive Function
Harvard Graduate School Of Education, 3/8/16

On The Benefits Of Choral Singing
Pacific Standard, 3/9/16


An Open Letter To The Supreme Court About Diversity In Education
Physics Today, 3/1/16

Student Fights To Balance Representation Of Women In Wikipedia
BuzzFeed, 3/10/16

Why Gender Balance In Organizations Cannot Wait
Harvard Business Review, 3/8/16


An Interview With Franco Moretti
LA Review of Books, 3/2/16


Can Teacher Application Data Predict Future Teacher Performance?
Brookings, 3/11/16


What Supports Do New Teachers Want And Need?
Hechinger Report, 3/1/16


Teaching Is More Than A Good Lesson.  It's Also About Trust.
Washington Post, 3/9/16

Jay McTighe And Five Practices Of Performance Tasks
Performance Task, 3/3/16

At SXSWedu, Temple Grandin Affirms Strengths-Based Learning
EdSurge, 3/7/16

Thoughts On Badges/Competency-Based Learning
Doug Belshaw, 3/9/16


Where Do Children Learn About Food Sources? [infographic]
Guardian, 3/11/16


Online Gradebooks: Gift For Teachers, Or Trap For Parents?
Atlantic, 3/10/16


A Love Song To Teachers (And Boarding School)
Huffington Post, 2/22/16

HS Students Make Website Summarizing Candidates And Positions
Miami Herald, 3/8/16

The Health (And Practical) Benefits Of Reducing Clutter
Stanford, 3/10/16

Defining Network Effects
Slideshare, 3/7/16