April 24 - May 1, 2016

We've wondered what will happen when we externalize our memory into our devices or the cloud.  Now, research is beginning to emerge about the effects of this practice.  See the feature story on how this affects teen behavior.

Also this week: plenty of other interesting articles on tech, from the effects of technology on adolescence to truly stunning advances in mind-controlled devices.  The BackChannel piece based on a writer's hometown in North Dakota offers a wonderful reflection.

Also, a suite of articles on the importance of failure.  We learn from our mistakes.  Often in schools, we need to persuade our students (and their parents) that making mistakes is critical to growth.  Here's artillery.



Does Smartphone Use Affect Critical Thinking?  The Research Begins.
Daniel Willingham, 4/25/16
"Researchers at University of Waterloo conducted three studies examining the association between self-reported smartphone use and performance on questions like the ball-and-bat problem. They separated respondents into low- medium- and high-smartphone usage groups. They found no difference between the low and medium groups, but the high usage group was less accurate on the analytic problems."

Meditation On How Technology Changes Adolescence (via N Dakota)
BackChannel, 4/19/16
"Huddled into icy plains of North Dakota, Napoleon is essentially the same place it was 25 years ago. And by most accounts, 50 and 75 years ago. The demographics and economics are static. Most of my high school classmates have taken over their family farms, tilling and planting the land of their parents’ parents’ parents. The same people drive the same block of Main Street to the same three-lane grocery store owned by the same family. The same houses have fresh coats of paint, but the grain elevator still towers over all else… Napoleon would be trapped in the amber of time, in a big glass case, if not for one thing: Access to information."

Hello, Future: Univ. Of Florida Students Race Mind-Controlled Drones
Associated Press, 4/22/16
"The competition — billed as the world's first drone race involving a brain-controlled interface — involved 16 pilots using willpower to drive drones through a 10-yard dash over an indoor basketball court at the University of Florida this past weekend."

Are Adults Ruining Youth Sports (Including High School)?
Boston Globe, 5/4/14
"Three out of four American families with school-aged children have at least one playing an organized sport — a total of about 45 million kids. By age 15, as many as 80 percent of these youngsters have quit, according to the Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine. One reason is the gap between the child’s desire to have fun and the misguided notion among some adults that their kids’ games are a miniature version of grown-up competitions, where the goal is to win. In 20 years of coaching youth and high school sports, I can say unequivocally that adult expectations are the number one problem."


Another Cry For More Stories About Average College Admissions
Washington Post, 4/26/16


Children Are Starting Puberty Earlier
Scientific American, 5/1/15


From Apollo 13: How A Problem-Solving Mindset Defuses Crises
MIT News, 4/28/16

Smart, But Not Happy? Here Are Four Ingredients For Happiness
Atlantic, 4/25/16


TED Talks About Failure
TED, 5/1/16

Lessons Learned From Failed Startups
Autopsy.io, 5/1/16

CEOs Want People Who Learn From Failure
Quartz, 2/4/16

Princeton Professor Posts CV Of Failures
Guardian, 4/29/16


The Benefits Of Monotasking
New York Times, 4/29/16


Constraints Enhance Creativity
Pacific Standard, 4/25/16


"Retaining and Rewarding High-Quality Teachers"
NAIS, 4/27/16


How To Change Teacher Evaluation to Teacher Development
EdWeek, 4/20/16


Strategies For Helping Slow-Working Students
Cult of Pedagogy, 3/27/16

"Questions That Bring Contemporary Context To [The] Past"
Faculty Focus, 4/25/16


Computers Powered By Ambient Radio Signals
Fast Company, 4/21/16


Visual Augmented Reality Is In Development Now
Wired, 5/1/16

Facebook's Shift From Social Network To News Portal
Slate, 4/24/16

The Ongoing Hypothesizing About The Future Of Blockchain
Aeon, 4/21/16


One Approach To Organizing Your Time/Work/To-Do List
Fast Company, 3/16/16


The Skills Most In Demand... According To LinkedIn (Spoiler: Coding)
LinkedIn, 1/12/16

Reflections On Procrastination, And How To Address It
Washington Post, 4/27/16