March 27 - April 3, 2016

What would class be like if you started every day with a new poem?  Read up on one teacher who has done that--for three years.  Is deep content mastery necessary for teachers?  See whether or not--at least in middle school science classes.

These and other interesting articles, including a two reports summarizing current trends in education, found in the tech section.  Also, three interesting pieces in the pedagogy section for some good practical tools (questions, quizzes) and some macro trends in teaching ("learnification").

And, the feature piece on Stanford's admit rate is a good satire...



Why Are Kids So Depressed? Data On Counseling, Reasons For Stress
Quartz, 3/21/16
"Researchers have a raft of explanations for why kids are so stressed out, from a breakdown in family and community relationships, to the rise of technology and increased academic stakes and competition.  Inequality is rising and poverty is debilitating.  Twenge has observed a notable shift away from internal, or intrinsic goals, which one can control, toward extrinsic ones, which are set by the world, and which are increasingly unforgiving.  Gray has another theory: kids aren't learning critical life-coping skills because they never get to play anymore."

Sports And The Classroom: A Plea To Coaches To Bridge The Gap
Chronicle Of Higher Education, 4/1/16
"How ironic it was then to discover that at one of the greatest institutions of learning in the world, coaches built a tacit but impenetrable wall between athletics and the life of the mind... coaches made no attempt to get to know me as a person beyond basketball, except when I decided to leave the team.  There were no conversations regarding my academic life, no conversations about my personal background and no discussions about the cultural and social responsibilities that come with being a student-athlete."

Stanford Admit Rate Reaches Zero Percent, And Other Humor
New York Times, 3/30/16
"With no one admitted to the class of 2020, Stanford is assured that no other school can match its desirability in the near future. 'We had exceptional applicants, yes, but not a single student we couldn't live without,' said a Stanford administrator who requested anonymity. 'In the stack of applications that I reviewed, I didn't see any gold medalists from the last Olympics -- Summer or Winter Games -- and while there was a 17-year-old who'd performed surgery, it wasn't open-heart or a transplant or anything like that.  She'll thrive at Yale."


Media Focus On Elite Schools Distracts From The National Norm
FiveThirtyEight, 3/30/16


A Needed Essay On The Long History Of Inattention
Aeon, 4/1/16


On The Spread Of The (Non-Tech) Hackathon
Harvard Business Review, 4/1/16

A Short Reminder That We Regret What We *Don't* Do
Swissmiss, 4/2/16


CA Search Firm Specializes In Teacher/Leader Candidates Of Color
NPR, 3/31/16

People Suppress Minority Opinions When Under Surveillance
Washington Post, 3/28/16

On "They" And The End Of Gender Binary
New York Times, 4/3/16


NSF Data On The Number Of Doctorates Awarded
National Science Foundation, 12/1/15

Grades Are Going Up Everywhere--And Have Been Since The 60s
Washington Post, 3/28/16


English Teacher Has Started Every Class With A Poem... For 3 Years
Edutopia, 3/11/16

30 Ways To Celebrate National Poetry Month, 4/1/16


Teacher Content Knowledge Matters (via Middle School Science)
American Educator, 4/1/16


On The "Learnification" Of Education -- And The Need For Teachers
e-Literate, 4/2/16

Reflections On Helping Students Ask More Questions
KQED, 2/9/16

5 Different Strategies For Giving Quizzes
Faculty Focus, 3/30/16


AP Style Guide: We Will No Longer Capitalize "Internet" (Finally!)
Twitter, 4/2/16


Using Network Analysis To Determine Main Char In Game Of Thrones
Quartz, 3/31/16


Vermont Students Research And 3D Print Local History
Bryan Alexander, 3/28/16

LinkedIn Acquires Lynda, Offers Professional Learning Courses
LinkedIn, 3/31/16

Horizon Report: Emerging Trends In Education And Tech
Educause, 2/4/16

MIT Report On Trends In Higher Education
MIT, 4/1/16


What People Really Want In Their Jobs Is Autonomy
New York Magazine, 3/31/16

Sleep: NYT Aggregates Reasons To Start The School Day Later
New York Times, 3/28/16


How The Concept Of "Average" Obstructs Personalized Approaches
KQED, 3/28/16

Two Studies Offer Support For Some Tracking
Hechinger Report, 3/28/16

How To Change People's Minds (via Merrick Garland and SCOTUS)
Fast Company, 3/29/16