May 15 - May 22, 2016

A broad range this week, including several pieces on technology in the classroom, a response to last week's investigation by EdSurge into personalized learning, and a beautiful (and tragic) essay about patience as it relates to resilience.

Enjoy this week's options!


In Response EdSurge's Exploration Of Personalized Learning
e-Literate, 5/12/16
"But the biggest advantage of a tutor is not that they personalize the task, it's that they personalize the explanation.  They look into the eyes of the other person and try to understand what material the student has locked in their head that could be leverage into new understandings.  When they see a spark of insight, they head further down that path.  When they don't, they try new routes."

A Wonderful, Long Read On Patience As Resilience (via Afghanistan)
Aeon, 5/12/16
"Patience recognizes suffering in the difficulties"of one's life and that of another.  Nowadays, it might conjure up ideas of complacence but, with a long view of time--in which time is understood as abundant--patience becomes a way of bearing sorrows.  Unlike resilience, which implies returning to an original shape, patience suggests change and allows the possibility of transformation as a means of overcoming difficulties.  It is a simultaneous at of defiance and tenderness, a complex existence that gently breaks down barriers.  In patience, a person exists at the edge of becoming."


Why Students Cheat, And What Can Be Done About It
KQED, 5/16/16

More On How Persistence Is About How We Cope With Failure
NPR, 5/6/16

Paul Ekman Creates Interactive Atlas Of Emotions
Paul Ekman, 5/6/16


Embodied Cognition: On The Experience Of Memorizing Paradise Lost
New York Magazine, 5/18/16

Storage? Retrieval? Your Brain Does Not Work Like A Computer
Aeon, 5/18/16

Running Is Really Good For Your Brain
New York Magazine, 4/21/16


Nature Is The Original Creativity Guru
Misc Magazine, 5/1/16


How To Talk With Different Families About Innovative Pedagogy
KQED, 5/18/16

Is There A Science Of Diversity?
University of Delaware, 5/12/16

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Gives $1M Prize For Diversifying College
New York Times, 5/14/16


An International Glossary Of Different Words For Happiness
New Yorker, 5/12/16


On The Growth Of Team Structures In Organizations
Gallup, 5/17/16


Teacher Evaluation And Improvement: What Works
ASCD, 5/1/16


On The Importance Of Movement And Play For Learning
Atlantic, 5/19/16


Avid Reader Shane Parrish Talks About Reading And Taking Notes
Evernote, 5/6/16


Maine Went iPad 1-to-1, Now Switches To Laptop, Better For School
Sun Journal, 5/19/16

More Research On Laptops Affecting Learning In Class
Washington Post, 5/16/16

Seth Godin's New Take On Online Courses (via Online MBAs)
Medium, 3/1/16


Comparing Eras Of Innovation: 1870, 1920, 1970, 2016
New York Times, 5/13/16