June 5 - June 12, 2016

The feature article captures today's moment on college campuses in a clearer way that both explains its premises and exposes its incongruities.  It's a less judgmental and more open-minded read than the Atlantic's "Coddling of American Youth."  And David Brooks' piece adds an interesting layer in response to the article.

Also this week: lots on tech and learning, focus, happiness, etc.



A Wonderful Summary Of What's Known About How To Be Happy
Scientific American, 2/7/16
"For Aristotle, the highest human good was eudaimonia.  For Carl Rogers, it was the 'fully functioning person'.  For Abraham Maslow, it was 'self-actualization'.  For Erik Erickson, it was wisdom and integrity.  For Erich Fromm, it was about having a 'being' orientation (in which you value personal growth and love) instead of a 'doing' orientation (in which you value material possessions and status).  But these are theories right?  Over the past 30 years or so, a number of contemporary psychologists have experimentally tested various aspects of these theories, and we are starting to get a clearer picture of those who seem to be well-integrated, thriving human beings."

Identity Politics In Today's Age Of Student Activism
New Yorker, 5/20/16
"'This is the generation of kids that grew up being told that the nation was basically over race.' Renee Romano, a professor of history at Oberlin, says.  When they were eleven or twelve, Barack Obama was elected President, and people hailed this as a national-historic moment that changed everything. 'The's the bill of goods they've been sold,' Romano explains. 'And, as they get older, they go, 'this is crap! It's not true!'' They saw the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice.  And, at schools like Oberlin, they noticed the warm abstractions of liberalism weren't connecting with the way things operated on the ground."


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Hechinger Report, 6/6/16


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ASCD, 6/8/16


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Daniel Willingham, 6/6/16

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David Brooks Reflects Further On Today's Student Activism
New York Times, 5/27/16


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Brookings, 6/8/16

"The Only Important Thing About Feedback Is What Students Do With It"
ASCD, 4/1/16


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Gizmag, 6/6/16


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New York Review Of Books, 6/23/16

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Farnam Street, 6/1/16