May 29 - June 5, 2016

The Summer PD week listed in the Professional Development section is an ideal mix of cognitive science and Understanding by Design.  It's taught by some of the most influential instructors for my own teaching.

The KPCB Internet Trends Report is one of the most respected reports on internet usage.  It comes from a business perspective, but I have found it nonetheless extraordinarily helpful for understanding how kids use technology--and particularly social media--today.

These and much else this week.  Enjoy!


Close Achievement Gaps With Small Interventions For New Students
Stanford, 5/31/16 [study]
"The results add to the evidence that well designed psychological interventions could help close persistent achievement gaps occurring in higher education institutions nationwide.  Students who are from lower income backgrounds, under-represented minority groups or families with no previous college graduates typically do worse than other students at the same schools... The findings from the study... showed that the interventions narrowed the difference not only in academic achievement in college but also in terms of students' involvement in campus life and building relationships with classmates, faculty and administrators."

Great Early Summer PD: A Week Of Cognitive Science And UbD
St Paul's School, 6/1/16
"The conference will start by considering and reviewing the ideas of cognitive development, the neuroscience of education, backwards planning, and recursive learning.  The focus will then shift to learner-centered teaching and measuring the effectiveness of learner-centered teaching practices.  Two major emphases of the conference are creating material that teachers can use when they leave, and developing the habits of collaboration between teachers."

"The End Of The Office Dress Code"
New York Times, 5/26/16
"'There's a strain of thought that says an employee represents a company, and thus dress code is not about personal expression, but about company expression," Professor Scafidi said. 'But there's a counterargument that believes because we identify so much with our careers, we should be able to be ourselves at work.' And that has led to all sorts of complications.  One person's 'appropriate' can easily be another's 'disgraceful,' and words like 'professional,' when used to describe dress requirements, can seem so vague as to be almost meaningless."


Revisiting the Marshmallow Test Of Self-Control--New Insight
Priceonomics, 6/1/16

A Terrific Cartoon (And Article) On 10,000 Hours Of Practice
NPR, 6/1/16

Duckworth Responds To More Questions About Grit
NPR, 5/25/16

More From Paul Tough On His New Book: "Helping Children Succeed"
NPR, 5/24/16


Why We Make Better Decisions For Others Than For Ourselves
Fast Company, 5/27/16


The Google Design Sprint: For Creative Problem Solving
HackingUI, 12/5/15


"Generalists Get Better Job Offers Than Specialists" ( Banking)
Harvard Business Review, 6/1/16

An Argument For T-Shaped, Not Well-Rounded, Students
Washington Post, 6/1/16


An Argument For The (Sexist, Racist, Colonialist, Etc...) Canon
Slate, 5/24/16


On Developing A Culture Of Principles-Based Decision Making
Harvard Business Review, 6/2/16


To Keep Millennials, Provide Engagement And Growth
Gallup, 6/1/16

Millennials Want Lots Of Feedback, But Might Not Ask For It
Gallup, 6/2/16


On The Importance Of Emotion To Learning
KQED, 5/31/16

Four Strategies For Effective Memorization (via Learning Music)
Creativity Post, 6/1/16

On Using Theater To Teach Social Skills
Atlantic, 6/1/16


People Prefer Paper--And Other Reading Trends From 2015
New York Times, 5/20/16


How People Use The Internet Today: KPCB Internet Trends Report
Quartz, 6/1/16

2016 EdTech Outlook Report from Reach Capital
Reach Capital, 5/25/16

Computer Vision Syndrome... More Than 3 Hours A Day On Screens?
New York Times, 5/26/16


35 Interface Designs That Changed Our Lives
Xerox, 6/3/16

Growing Up With Books In The House Helps Your Future Finances
New York Magazine, 6/3/16

On Why Women Are Underrepresented Wikipedia Editors
Harvard Business Review, 6/2/16

How To Close Read A Film Trailer Like Close Reading A Poem
Medium, 5/26/16