July 10 - July 17, 2016

Some good traditional teacher professional development this week...  And also, a host of other pieces about technology--including one piece that talks about how technology in great schools.

Also this week is a great piece on listening.  What does it mean to really listen?  What does it look like?  Can you speak?



Experiential Learning: Going Into The Field Changes Kids' Lives
Orion, 7/24/16
"[As] the mist was rising and through the fog they saw a red fox leap for its morning prey; then the beavers started slapping their tails in the water, and, as if on cue, a flock of great blue herons flew right over their heads.  You might be compelled to exclaim... "Wow, this is better than the Discovery Channel."  Moments like these are transformational.  And this transformation teaches empathy.  Students become less absorbed in themselves and start paying attention to the world around them."

Tennis As A Model For Ongoing Learning For Teachers
Pacific Standard, 7/16/16
"In tennis, experience is valued, but performance more so, making ongoing improvement a primary focus of professionals.  But this focus would not be in place without systems that recognize and reward effective professional learning; sufficient time and energy allocated to the goal of professional growth; and strong coaches and leaders available to support improvement."


Some Research Around Teens And Risk-Taking
New York Times, 7/13/16


US High School Federation Calls For Pitch Limits Next Year [Baseball]
ESPN, 7/12/16


A Nonprofit That Teaches Kids To Care
Harvard Magazine, 7/13/16


Metaknowledge: What We Know About What We Know
Aeon, 7/6/16

Never Stop Learning (It Keeps The Brain Healthy)
New York Times, 7/8/16

How Do We Incorporate Brain Science Into Teaching And Schools? [Book]
Amazon, 6/20/16


Promote Innovation By Connecting People Around Passion
Harvard Business Review, 7/14/16

"A Data Driven Approach To Group Creativity"
Harvard Business Review, 7/14/16


When Having A Job Is Part Of The Curriculum
NPR, 7/10/16


Top 100 Most Diverse Colleges And Universities
Priceonomics, 7/12/16

Reading List For White Americans: Ferguson To Charleston
Citizenship and Social Justice, 7/10/16

A List Of Plays That Address Race And Justice In The US
American Theatre, 12/17/14


What Is Modernism?
LA Review of Books, 7/3/16


"Adapting Your Board To The Digital Age"
McKinsey, 7/1/16

What Is A "Founder's Mindset" And How Can It Help You Succeed?
Harvard Business Review, 7/15/16

Larry Cuban's Eight Features Of Successful Schools
Larry Cuban, 7/11/16

Thoughts On How To Bring About Change
ASCD, 6/1/16


Restorative Practice: Aligning Discipline With Pedagogy
KQED, 7/12/16

Personalized Learning: Choose Your Own Adventure Or D&D?
EduGeek Journal, 7/12/16

Competency Based Teaching: Does It Embed The Teaching Of Grit?
EdSurge, 7/13/16

Reproduce Old Objects To Learn More About History
Stanford, 7/14/16


Student Use Of Rubrics For Peer Editing Is As Accurate As Teachers
Journal Of Adolescent And Adult Learning, 4/18/16


Hyperuniformity: Randomness That Leads To Regularity
Quanta, 7/12/16

Juno Orbits Jupiter, Sends Back Pictures
New York Times, 7/12/16


Take More Vacation, Get More Raises
Harvard Business Review, 7/13/16


Six Levels Of Good Listening - And What Listening Really Means
Harvard Business Review, 7/14/16

Random Walks Lead To Strongest Netowrk Interaction (For Ants)
MIT, 7/13/16

Social Media And The End Of Fact  (And The End Of News?)
Guardian, 7/12/16

A Meditation On, Cultural History Of, Sleep
Aeon, 7/11/16

Does Preschool Bedtime Affect High School Weight?
New York Times, 7/14/16

Do K-8 Schools Produce Better Results Than 6-8 Grade (Middle) Schools?
Medium, 7/12/16