July 17 - July 24, 2016

The PD post on faculty development fundamentals is interesting in that its recommendations are affective and infrastructural--and not really about the research around professional development.  I thought twice about that one.

The feature article on autodidacts meanders through several points, but built into its structure is a list of key ingredients for effective self-teaching.  Relevant and interesting in the age of MOOCs.

If you still think 3D Printing is marginal development, think again.  This is the beginning of a massive growth industry.  The tech section contains two articles that show its expanding utility.



What Works When Teaching Yourself. A Deep Look At The Autodidact.
Psychology Today, 7/5/16
"It's neither intelligence nor technique that holds people back from being successful self-taught learners, says Bach.  It's insecurity.  'Feelings of inadequacy stop curiosity,' he says... He's learned that 'most people who have ambition have a terrible fear that although they're good, they're not good enough or smart enough.  It's debilitating.'"

Taking Tests On Different Devices Can Influence Results
EdWeek, 7/20/16
"Some test questions are likely harder to answer on tablets than on laptop and desktop computers, presenting states and districts with a new challenge as they move to widespread online assessments.  Analyses by test providers and other organizations have pointed to evidence of small but significant 'device effects' for tests administered in some grades and subjects and on certain types of assessment items."

One School's Aggressive Push for Inclusion
NAIS, 7/15/16
"Throughout the board's extended discussions, several messages resonated. One trustee pointed out that we should not look at a tuition freeze as a cost, but rather as a forgone revenue opportunity, and that we should realize that raising tuition has a cost as well -- a more restricted applicant pool."

Exercise Is A "Keystone Habit" For Good Living
New York Magazine, 7/22/16
"[Exercise] makes people more resilient not only to physical stress, but also to emotional and cognitive stress.  It is for these reasons that scientists have written that 'exercise is associated with emotional resilience to acute stress in healthy adults' and that exercise has been called a keystone habit, or an activity that leads to positive changes in other areas of life."


To Be Successful, Be Humble.  Here's A Test To Assess Your Pride.
Inc., 7/22/16

Google Pays Bonuses To Employees To Abandon Failing Projects
New York Times, 7/23/16

Empathy Is At The Heart Of Good Teaching, Design
Track Changes, 7/20/16


To Get Things Done, Ask If You Will Do It, Don't Tell Yourself To Do It
Pacific Standard, 7/19/16


We Need Adaptive Learners, Not Adaptive Learning
ELearnSpace, 7/20/16

Does Content Coverage In High School Enhance College Performance?
Brookings, 7/20/16


What Is The Role Of School In The Black Lives Matter Movement?
Atlantic, 7/21/16

An Explanation Of Why Race Is A Social, Not Biological, Construct
Huffington Post, 2/9/16


Twelve Case Studies: International Education System Interventions
Brookings, 7/1/16


On Mindfulness In The Corporate Sector
Pacific Standard, 7/24/16


John Hattie: On What Teachers Need Most
Education Dive, 7/21/16

Four Tips For Primary Teacher Training From Finland, Japan, and China
Hechinger Report, 7/20/16

Getting Started With Using Data To Support Your Teaching
ASCD, 7/18/16

More Pull For The Apprenticeship Model Of Teacher Induction
New York Times, 7/8/16

Weak Teachers? Don't Train Them, Give Them Lesson Plans
EdWeek, 7/12/16

Five Fundamentals For Faculty Development
Faculty Focus, 7/18/16


On The Effectiveness Of Handwritten Notes To Motivate Students
Faculty Focus, 7/22/16

A Defense Of The Lecture, And An Exploration Of Its History
Atlantic, 7/14/16

Tips For The Human Side Of Giving Feedback (To Colleagues)
Medium, 5/4/16


On Using A Period In Text Messages
The Conversation, 7/19/16


Tesla Motors Is Now Just Tesla.  Elon Musk's Vision Grows.
Quartz, 7/20/16

The Environmental (And Health) Benefits Of Plant Diets
Stanford, 7/22/16

Primary Energy Sources By Zip Code
Metric Maps, 7/19/16


Sans-Phone For A Week: The Pain... And Then The Pleasures
Fast Company, 7/21/16

The International Space Station Gets A 3D Printer
The Week, 7/20/16

3D Printing... Your Next House
New York Times, 7/20/16


Standing Desks: Happier, (A Little) Healthier, But Not More Productive
Fast Company, 7/15/16

Four Ways An Office Building Can Affect Creativity
Fast Company, 7/19/16


10 Rules For Negotiating A Job Offer
Free Code Camp, 7/19/16

What Is Plagiarism Exactly?  Some Thoughts.
Chronicle of Higher Education, 7/19/16

67 Years Of Legos: A Deep Analysis, Visualized
Mode Analytics, 7/21/16