July 3 - July 10, 2016

Pairs of articles this week, though sometimes divided across sections: millennials (in adolescence and diversity), failure (in humanities and pedagogy), boredom (in workplace and other), and others within particular categories.

Lots of articles this week... good for browsing!


'Data Mining Reveals The Six Basic Emotional Arcs Of Storytelling'
MIT Technology Review, 7/6/16
"The idea behind sentiment analysis is that words have a positive or negative emotional impact.  So words can be a measure of the emotional valence of the text and how it changes from moment to moment.  So measuring the shape of the story arc is simply a question of assessing the emotional polarity of a story at each instant and how it changes."

Specializing In One Sport 'Isn't Smart, Even For Kids Who Want To Go Pro'
Washington Post, 6/22/16
"Look at this year's National Football League draft.  Twenty-six of the 31 first-round picks, including Jared Goff, the player drafted ahead of all the others, had been multi-sport athletes in high school, according to Tracking Football."

Iraq War Vet Compares American Violence To Star Wars
New York Times, 7/2/16
"'The myth of regeneration through violence,' ... he traces it from the earliest Indian captivity narratives through the golden age of the western, and it's the same story we often tell ourselves today.  It's a story about how violence makes us American.  It's a story about how violence makes us good.  Looking out over Baghdad on the Fourth of July, I saw the truth that story obscured and inverted: I was the faceless storm trooper, and the scrappy rebels were the Iraqis."

How (Unpaid) Summer Internships Deepen Inequality
New York Times, 7/5/16
"As the summer internship season gets into full swing, consider, for instance, how a plum internship may alter a young person's career trajectory.  While some students take a summer job in food service to pay the bills, others can afford to accept unpaid jobs at high-profile organizations, setting them on a more lucrative path... The broader implication is privilege multiplied by privilege, a compounding effect prejudiced against students who come from working-class or lower-income circumstances. By shutting out these students from entry-level experiences in certain fields, entire sectors engineer long-term deficits of much-needed talent and perspective.  In other words, we're all paying the price for unpaid internships."


Millennials, Work Engagement, And Side Hustles
Quartz, 6/23/16

College Kids Are More Anxious About Growing Up Than Before
Pacific Standard, 7/9/16

Kids Are Drinking More Water And Less Soda
HealthDay, 7/7/16


Some Schools Shift To "No-Zero" Grading Policies
Washington Post, 7/5/16


How The Gym Helps You--Even When You're Not There
New York Magazine, 6/29/16

Require Music Lessons Already; They Build Focus
Pacific Standard, 7/5/16

There's Bad Stress (Distress) & Good Stress (Eustress)
Chronotope, 6/3/16

Talking With Your Hands Helps Learning
New York Magazine, 7/5/16


Does The Scientific Method Belong To Other Disciplines, Too?
New York Times, 7/4/16


Asians Crowdsource Letter To Explain BlackLivesMatter To Parents
The Next Web, 7/9/16

Major Disparities In White And Black American Perceptions Of Equality
Pew Research, 6/27/16

"Diversity Defines The Millennial Generation"
Brookings, 6/28/16

Tech Industry Diversity Issues Lead To An Emergent Diversity Industry
Fast Company, 7/5/16

Comic Book Heroes Are Diversifying (The Next Iron Man Is A Black Woman)
NPR, 7/6/16


6,000 Years Of Global Urban Population Data, Spatialized
Wired, 7/4/16

Pinsky On Misremembering Poetry, And Learning From Failure/Mistakes
Slate, 11/1/11


How To Build A Culture Of Trust
Quartz, 6/7/16

Three Things Good Bosses Do [Video]
Stanford Graduate School Of Business, 6/20/16

Strengths-Based Managing Dramatically Improves Engagement
Gallup, 6/7/16


A Case Against Explicitly Stating Learning Objectives (To Students)
Critical Explorers, 10/24/11

A Short Preface To Alfie Kohn's Thoughts On Failure
Washington Post, 6/26/16

Sally Cain Has A Summer PD Workshop For How To Teach Introverts
KQED, 7/6/16

On Using Google Forms For Self-Grading Quizzes
History Tech, 7/6/16


Summer Math Loss, And How To Address It
Harvard Graduate School of Education, 6/24/16


What Happened After A 30-Day Social Media Detox?
Fast Company, 7/6/16

Augmented Reality Pokémon Is Taking The World By Storm
Fast Company, 7/8/16

A Non-Scientific (Humorous?) List Of Internet-Induced Mental Disorders
Information Is Beautiful, 7/8/16

Bose Makes A Speaker Construction Kit For Pre-Teens
Fast Company, 6/28/16

Two Divergent Approaches To The Self-Driving Car: Tesla and Google
New York Times, 7/4/16

Google Develops Easy-To-Use VR Animation Tool
Fast Company, 6/30/16

Education Is the Least Likely Industry To Be Automated
McKinsey, 7/1/16


Time Off And Hobbies Are Good For Productivity And Business
Pacific Standard, 7/10/16

A Reflection On Time, Boredom, And Devices (...And Pace?)
Business Insider, 7/4/16


Kids, Summer, And The Benefits Of Boredom
Quartz, 6/11/16

Decisions Are Better Made Slowly
Harvard Business Review, 7/8/16

A List Of Useful Mental Models
Medium, 7/5/16

"Boarding Schools Are A National Security Threat" (see: Trump, Johnson)
Foreign Policy, 7/6/16