June 26 - July 3, 2016

Happy 4th of July weekend (to Americans at home and abroad)!

Lots of practical knowledge in these articles, and a few disconnected pieces at the end that might prove compelling. Enjoy this batch, and keep an eye open for some literature reviews in the coming weeks/months.


Atul Gawande: Science, The Individual Flaws, The Collective Gain
Farnam Street, 6/23/16
"It was a way of being--a weird way of being.  You are supposed to have skepticism and imagination, but not too much.  You are supposed to suspend judgment, yet exercise it.  Ultimately, you hope to observe the world with an open mind, gathering facts and testing your predictions and expectations against them.  Then you make up your mind and either affirm or reject the ideas at hand.  But you also hope to accept that nothing is ever completely settled, that all knowledge is just probably knowledge.  A contradictory piece of evidence can always emerge.  Hubble said it best when he said, 'The scientist explains the world by successive approximations.'"


Daniel Willingham Goes Deep Into What We Know About "Grit"
American Federation Of Teachers, 7/1/16


Why Teaching Handwriting Matters
New York Times, 6/20/16


Which Universities Have the Most Women In STEM
Priceonomics, 6/27/16


Library Of Congress, On Teaching Historic and Geographic Thinking
Library of Congress, 4/1/16

Network Theory, Medieval History, Computation, And Laws Of History
MIT Technology Review, 6/23/16


On The Efficiency Of Different Languages
Atlantic, 6/29/16


Vague But Interesting: One Description Of What Makes Great Schools
EdWeek, 6/29/16

Vague But Interesting: Another Description Of What Makes Great Schools
Stanford Social Innovation Review, 6/27/16

Several Thoughts On How Governance Can Drive Mission Realization
Stanford Social Innovation Review, 6/28/16


Residencies: A Growing Model For Teacher Training
Hechinger Report, 6/28/16


A Brief, Animated History Of The Book
TED-Ed/YouTube, 6/13/16

A Verbose Tribute To Annotation
LA Review of Books, 6/27/16

On The Emptiness Of Teaching Writing With Formulas And Acronyms
Rethinking Schools, 7/1/16


The Graphs You've Wanted About Sustainability Of Different Foods
Washington Post, 6/30/16


Tesla's Official Press Release After The First Death From A Driverless Car
Tesla Motors, 6/30/16

A History Of The PR Of VR (Virtual Reality)
Hack Education, 7/2/16


Get An MBA Through 9 Infographics
Inc., 6/21/16

JK Rowling Shares New Short Story About America's Hogwarts: Ilvermorny
Pottermore, 6/28/16