August 14 - August 21, 2016

The feature article on PLCs is an academic article, so the language is convoluted at times, but the lessons of the article are compelling.  It's worth it to dig through the article for what makes an effective Professional Learning Community--and applying the lessons to your school.

The other feature article, on organizational innovation, is a much more in-depth article than first appears, providing useful insights for fostering creative work within an organization.

Many other great selections this week, including a great visualization of Olympic sprinters and a delightful treat from the NYPL.



Uncertainties In Innovation: Common Mistakes And How To Avoid Them
Stanford Social Innovation Review, 9/1/16
"In this article, we set forth a model for understanding the relationship between innovation and impact, and we provide a way to diagnose the pathologies that interfere with that relationship.  We also offer insight into how organizations can counter these pathologies."

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) Improve Teaching [Lit Review]
Science Direct, 1/1/08
"All eight studies that examined the relationship between teachers' participation in PLCs and student achievement found that student learning improved."


Growth Mindset As Key To Fostering Grit: 6 Tips
The Week, 8/16/16


How The Brain Processes Language
CNN, 8/16/16

Outsourcing Memory To Google Increases Reliance On Google...
Guardian, 8/18/16


17 Brainstorming Techniques: Some Good, Some Not So Good
Inc., 8/13/16


Intel Put $300M Into Workforce Diversity.  How's It Going?
Fast Company, 8/10/16

Three Theories On Why Having Diverse Teachers Matters
Brookings, 8/19/16


Data On The Online Degree Explosion In Universities
Priceonomics, 8/16/16


A (Western) History Of Plot
Vulture, 8/9/16

On Graphing Plots Of Novels
Vulture, 8/11/16

Explicating Frost's 'The Road Not Taken" Using Frost's Letters
Literary Hub, 8/18/16


An Animated History Of The English Language
YouTube/Open University, 11/8/11


Mindfulness Exercises Help Teachers, Too
KQED, 8/19/16


Writing What You Know May Be The Best Study Strategy
Medium, 5/7/16


Understanding The Statistics Of The Monty Haul Problem
YouTube/Numberphile, 5/22/14


"Why The Office Dress Code Is Slowly Dying"
Inc., 8/15/16


John Hattie Talks About Homework
BBC Radio, 8/20/14

Visualizing 100 Years Of Olympic Sprinters
New York Times, 8/15/16

A Splinter And Scrap Filled Playground, Just For Kids
Medium, 8/16/16

Tweet An Emoji To The NYPL And It Sends Pictures From Its Archives
Route Fifty, 8/17/16