August 7 - August 14, 2016

Short and sweet this week: a worthy collection of writing on grading (in the feature section); a great summary of the research on sleep, grouped into categories (cognitive science); and many more useful articles.

Also, a terrific visualization of the physics of the balance beam.  Worth a look!


George Siemens: Tech Should Make Us Better People, Not Robots
EdSurge, 8/11/16
"'Our technology is our ideology,' Siemens says.  He's worried that, rather advancing our human potential, many edtech companies and universities are perpetuating the status quo.  While machine learning and automation are obviating the need for learners to memorize content and develop routine skills, current edtech solutions still focus on helping learners develop these capabilities, he says.  Instead, they should drive students to hone their uniquely human traits."

5 Great Articles On The Subject Of Grading
ASCD, 8/11/16
"Too often, grades are the period at the end of any conversation on learning.  Turn these numbers and letters into meaningful measures of mastery by looking for ways to amplify formative feedback, treating failures as beneficial to learning, and giving students opportunities to revise their work.  Read on for more ways to create a learning-centered approach to assessment."


A Detailed Look At How Test Scores Are Computed
Brookings, 8/11/16


Another Good Summary Of Research About Sleep
New York Magazine, 8/10/16


So Begin Standardized Tests For Creativity...
Atlantic, 8/10/16


What Is Metacognition?  Why Is It Important?
KQED, 8/10/16


Inclusion Efforts Only Matter If People Feel They Belong
Harvard Business Review, 8/10/16


Higher Ed School And Student Demographics [Infographic]
Gates Foundation, 1/26/15


An Argument For The Humanities
Chronicle of Higher Education, 8/7/16

'An Encyclopedia Of Every Literary Plot, Ever'
Vulture, 8/10/16


A Deep Dive Into The Benefits Of Bilingualism
Digg, 8/8/16


On Using Scenarios In Strategic Planning
MIT Sloan Management Review, 5/27/16


One Teacher's Story Of Craving Mentors (And Mostly Not Having Them)
Medium, 7/21/16


Reflexive Pronouns: A British Epidemic?
New York Times, 7/28/16

The First Conference On Emojis? - This November
Digiday, 8/12/16


Wolfram Releases Wolfram Language 11, Powering Up
Wolfram, 8/8/16


Full-Time Virtual Schools Are Growing.  Do They Work?
Hechinger Report, 8/4/16

Reports Question Whether Tech Is Improving Learning...
NPR, 8/11/16

3D Printing... Breakfast!
Smithsonian, 8/9/16

2016-17 Edtech Conference Schedule
EdSurge, 8/8/16

The Current State Of Artificial Intelligence
Medium, 7/27/16


Awesome Center-Of-Gravity Diagrams Of Gymnasts On Balance Beam
Imgur, 8/11/16