July 31 - August 7, 2016

It's a great issue this week, with useful information on adolescent behavior, on supporting creative work, and on much, much more.



Imitation And Innovation As The Source Of Early Learning
New York Times, 7/30/16
"It's not just that young children don't need to be taught in order to learn.  In fact, studies show that explicit instruction, the sort of teaching that goes with school and 'parenting,' can be limiting.  When children think they are being taught, they are much more likely to simply reproduce what the adult does, instead of creating something new."

Higher Ed Invests In Spaces For Creative Work
New York Times, 8/4/16
"The rationales for these buildings are varied: Employers are dissatisfied with graduates' preparation, students are unhappy with outdated teaching methods, and colleges want to attract students whose eyes are on postgrad venture capital and whose scalable ideas might come in handy on campus.  And so universities of all sizes, both public (Wichita State, University of Utah, University of Iowa) and private (Cornell, Northwestern, Stanford), have opened or are planning such facilities."


Detailed Information On World High School Alcohol/Substance Use
Project Know, 8/1/16


Diversity, Inclusion, Representation -- Parsing The Terminology
Project Know, 8/1/16

On Whiteness In America Today
New Yorker, 7/25/16


Does Using Profanity Build Trust?
Quartz, 8/4/16


7 Ways To Be A Great Supervisor
Inc., 8/3/16


Collection Of Articles And Research About Teacher Evaluations
Pacific Standard, 8/3/16


Diane Ackerman On Deep Play And Flow
Brain Pickings, 8/4/16

Man Teaches Math Through Mime
New York Times, 4/5/16


Why We Read And What We Gain From It: Neil Gaiman And Others
Brain Pickings, 8/3/16


New AP Computer Science Principles Test For Non-Programmers
Ed Tech Magazine, 8/4/16

Ideas For Reducing Student Anxiety Around Math
KQED, 8/2/16

24 Contributions From Research To Math Teaching (Elem & Middle School)
Us Department of Education, 7/1/16


On Launching A Makerspace In A Library
KQED, 7/31/16

Understanding Canvas: Two Criticisms, A Response
e-Literate, 8/5/16

The Five Largest Businesses In The US Are Tech Companies
Atlantic, 8/3/16


Is Education Really A Top-Five Industry For Freelance Work?
Education Dive, 8/4/16

A Collection Of Tips For Productivity And Teamwork
WeForum, 6/10/16

This Company Makes Everyone's Salary Public.  What's The Result?
Fast Company, 7/31/15


To Practice Public Speaking... Talk To Your Dog?
New York Times, 8/5/16

Five Ingredients Of Effective Teamwork
KQED, 8/4/16

Seymour Papert, 88, Creator Of Logo, Educational Theorist
New York Times, 8/1/16

"The Most Beautiful Library In All 50 States"
Tech Insider, 7/29/16

Storytelling: The Key To Happiness And Love?
Wall Street Journal, 7/4/16