September 11 - September 18, 2016

There was much interest in last week's College Admission feature article, so this week I've featured a direct link to the 2015 State of College Admission Report, including interactive tables with admit rates, yield rates, and more over time.

Also, the creativity article this week hits some familiar notes if you've been following the conversation about creativity, but it's also good encouragement for those who are propelling creative work.



Tips For Teaching The 2016 Election
Harvard Graduate School of Education, 9/14/16
"As the school year takes off and the election draws nearer, rejecting political conversations in the classroom will likely be impossible -- and unwise, according to educators we interviewed... Still, the 2016 election, fraught with divisive language and widespread dislike of both candidates, is tricky.  For civics educators, talking about the election may require a different approach than they've taken in previous years."

College Admission 2015 Report: Data Visualizations And Downloads
NACACnet, 9/8/16 [Full Report]
"Learn more about factors in the admission decision, acceptance rates for college applicants, common recruitment strategies, and the status of college counseling in secondary schools... Explore the latest admission statistics for four-year US colleges and universities including selectivity and yield rate trends."


Kill The Curve: Fight Grade Inflation And Foster Collaboration
New York Times, 9/10/16

College Drops SAT/ACT Requirement, Removed From Rankings
Hampshire College, 9/11/16


Is Curiosity The Cure For Bias?
New York Magazine, 9/14/16


NOVA: 2-Hour Special On The Science Of Learning
PBS, 9/14/16

Understanding Misremembering
Scientific American, 9/9/16


7 (Surprising?) Facts About Creativity
Fast Company, 9/16/16


1954 Critique Of Education Defines Today's Challenges (via Classics)
Philobiblonia, 9/3/16

The (Surprising?) Long Term Earning Power Of Liberal Arts Degrees
Wall Street Journal, 9/11/16

On Reviving The Skills Of Oratory
Middlebury, 8/4/16


Recess Four Times A Day
Washington Post, 9/13/16


SNHU Rescues Daniel Webster College: Mergers And Acquisitions?
Union Leader, 9/13/16

What College Presidents Want And What Students From Professors
Gallup, 9/16/16


Documentary About The Making Of "Hamilton"--Airs This October
PBS, 6/7/16


In Praise Of Cold Calling
Chronicle Vitae, 8/24/16

Project Based Approach Leads Undergrads To Win Grad Competition
Huffington Post, 9/9/16

Reflecting On Learning Through Play
Atlantic, 9/13/16


Violence On Social Media Affects Us Differently Than Reports Of Violence
New York Times, 9/10/16


Periodic Table With Illustrations Of How Each Element Is Used
DeviantArt, 11/2/09

App Development As Tool For Social Mobility, Empowering Girls (Via India)
Guardian, 8/30/16

Is Spatial Thinking At The Heart Of STEM Success?
Scientific American, 9/7/16


XKCD On 20,000 Years Of Climate Change
XKCD, 9/15/16


5 Tips For Frugal Makerspace Design
Ed Tech Magazine, 9/8/16

Audrey Watters On Why People Won't Want Automated Tutors
Hack Education, 9/14/16

3D Printing... Shoes!
New York Times, 9/14/16

A Reflection On The State Of OER
EdSurge, 9/12/16


The Rise Of The Chart In Newspapers
Priceonomics, 9/14/16


Does Class Size Matter?
Washington Post, 2/24/14

4 Ways To Create A Healthy Culture For Teachers
SmartBrief, 9/14/16


How Do People Use/View Libraries Today?  A Deep Look.
Pew Internet, 9/9/16

Handwriting Has Proven Benefits; Cursive Does Not
Nautilus, 9/8/16

New Librarian Of Congress: First Woman, First Of Color
New York Times, 9/15/16

Visualized List Of Effect Sizes Of Factors In Education (via Hattie)
Visible Learning, 3/17/14

The Stories Of The Founders Of The Top 20 Charter Schools
The 74 Million, 8/9/16

Institutions, Openness, Culture, And Longevity: What Lasts?
Half an Hour, 9/15/16

"Icebreakers Are Terrible. They Also, Unfortunately, Work Really Well."
New York Magazine, 9/9/16