September 18 - September 25, 2016

Just an incredible week of news.  From the pedagogy of play to sports specialization, diversity data to social media 'splainers--it's hard to recommend just a few.

There could be a dozen features this week:

The post on social media norms for teens (in the Social Media section) includes great descriptions of how kids navigate Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more.  A terrific/terrifying summary of how social media serves their needs--and drives them to certain behaviors.  (And the cyberbullying follow up makes a good partner.)

The whole diversity/inclusion section this week is tremendous.

The college advising piece might be useful at your school's family weekend.

The tech pieces...

Happy reading!


Meditation On Technology, Spirituality, And The Modern Attention Span
New York Magazine, 9/18/16
"Since the invention of the printing press, every new revolution in information technology has prompted apocalyptic fears.  From the panic that easy access to the vernacular English Bible would destroy Christian orthodoxy all the way to the revulsion, in the 1950s, at the barbaric young medium of television, cultural critics have moaned and wailed at every turn.  Each shift represented a further fracturing of attention... And yet society has always managed to adapt and adjust, without obvious damage, and with some more-than-obvious progress.  So it's perhaps too easy to view this new era of mass distraction as something newly dystopian.  But it sure does represent a huge leap from even the very recent past.  The data bewilder."

2016 Horizon Report For K-12 Education
New Media Consortium, 9/13/16 [Report]
"What is on the five-year horizon for K-12 schools worldwide?  Which trends and technologies will drive educational change?  What are the challenges that we consider solvable or difficult to overcome, and how can we strategize effective solutions?  These questions and similar inquiries regarding technology adoption and transforming teaching and learning steered the collaborative research and discussions of a body of 59 experts to produce the... Horizon Report: 2016 K-12 Edition."

American Academy Of Pediatrics Statement On Sports Specialization
AAP Publications, 8/29/16 [Report]
"The new AAP clinical report 'Sports Specialization and Intensive Training in Young Athletes' reviews the background of specialization, discusses concerns with intensive training and answers common questions regarding sports specialization in young athletes.  Included in the report is an infographic that can be used as an educational tool for patients, parents, and coaches."

"How To Think Like Shakespeare": A Delightful Essay On Education
Chronicle of Higher Education, 8/29/16
"In short, the best way for you to prepare for the unforeseen future is to learn how to think intensively and imaginatively... You should think of yourself as apprenticing to the craft of thought... As with rhetoric, imitation, and inventory, you might not think very highly of apprenticeship these days.  But it was crucial for skilled labor in Renaissance Europe.  It required an exacting, collaborative environment, with guidance from people who knew more than you did.  When Shakespeare arrived on the London theater scene, he entered a kind of artistic studio, or workshop, or laboratory, in which he was apprenticing himself to experienced playwrights.  Note that playwright is not spelled w-r-i-t-e; it's spelled w-r-i-g-h-t: a maker."


4 Kinds Of Mistakes: Understanding Failure Better
KQED, 11/23/15


Math Happens In The Visual Cortex Of Blind People
New York Magazine, 9/21/16

EdX Offers Course On The Cognitive Science Of Learning
edX, 11/2/16

Revisiting The Famous Case Of H. M.
Pacific Standard, 9/22/16


What HS Seniors Say They Want To Say To Their Parents, But Can't.
Washington Post, 9/16/16


Creative Professionals On Collaborative Brainstorming
Fast Company, 9/12/16

Hans Ulrich Obrist And How Creativity Arises From Connectivity
Huck, 9/24/16


Most Frequently Cited Skills In 25 Million Job Postings
Harvard Business Review, 9/20/16


5 Ways Biases Emerge When Hiring Faculty Of Color
Hechinger Report, 9/20/16

"Student Diversity At More Than 4,600 Institutions" [Interactive]
Chronicle of Higher Education, 9/18/16

Explaining Microaggressions Via Scenes From Hollywood Movies
Quartz, 9/22/16

40 Minutes Can Change First-Gen Students' Lifelong Trajectory
New York Times, 8/20/16


War Veterans Use Writing To Process Their Experiences
Pacific Standard, 9/19/16

What Are Shakespeare's Most Popular Plays?
Priceonomics, 9/22/16

"On Not Reading"
Chronicle of Higher Education, 9/18/16


7 Components Of Strengths-Based Leadership
Gallup, 9/22/16

John Maeda On Young Leadership And Striking A Balance
YouTube/NAIS, 4/10/15


Towards A Pedagogy Of Play
Playworks/Project Zero, 9/13/16

Play Helps Learning.  More And More Schools Are Adapting.
Atlantic, 9/13/16

Play: Part Of A Student's Bill Of Rights?
ASIDE, 9/23/16

Start School At Older Ages.  Play Longer.  (via Europe)
Guardian, 9/20/16

Build Student Trust By Asking Them What Makes Great Teachers
ASCD, 9/22/16

Teacher Expectations/Bias Influence Student Progress
Brookings, 9/16/16


Whichcraft: New Yorker Comma Queen On 'That' v. 'Which'
New Yorker, 6/6/16


Explaining Finsta, 'Like' Thresholds, And More Teenage Social Media Norms
Social Media in Education, 9/2/16

10 Tips For Teens For Responding To Cyberbullying [Flyer], 1/1/12


Desmos Writes A (Concise) Pedagogy Guide For Teaching Math
Desmos, 9/18/16

Vi Hart Graphs The Calculus Of Bad Drivers Stopping At Crosswalks
YouTube/Vi Hart, 9/20/16


How Rising Sea Levels Would Reshape New York City
New York Magazine, 9/7/16


Your Wireless Router Might Be Able To Sense How You're Feeling
Campus Technology, 9/20/16

Augmented Reality... For Your Ears
Fast Company, 9/21/16

Apple Designs Learn-To-Code Game For Apple Language
Fast Company, 9/13/16

The Birth, Life, And Death Of The Phone Call
Slate, 9/18/16

YouTube Is Where Crowdsourced Instruction Happens
EduBlogs, 9/21/16


6 Ways To Engage Students In The Presidential Debates
New York Times, 9/21/16

We Know Design Thinking Is A Thing.  What Is Design Learning?
Brookings, 9/14/16

8 Tips For Creativity And Success
Barking Up The Wrong Tree, 12/1/13

9 (Science-Backed?) Tips For Living The Happiest Life You Can
Inc., 9/22/16

Can You Create A Formula For The Happiest Songs Ever?
Inc., 9/21/16

Archaeologists X-Ray And Read 2000 Year Old Charred Scrolls
Quartz, 9/22/16

There Is Academic Writing On Detecting "Pseudo-Profound Bull$h!t"
Judgment and Decision-Making, 11/1/15