September 4 - September 11, 2016

Lots of small treats in this issue.  Also, a number of surprising clusters: information on what appeals to millennials in the workplace (according to surveys), grammar, and microaggressions.

The lead featured article is an important piece this week, but I do think that the data shared in the article could be represented in a much more compelling way (visually).  Still, it is worth it to scour the survey results and think about how the revelations from the data might inform decision-making at your school.

Also, a correction: In last week's issue, one link was improperly assigned.  This week, the Atlantic article on teaching grammar is repeated, but with the correct link.



What 230 Colleges Say Is Most Important For Admission
EdWeek, 9/8/16
"An annual survey of college admissions officers reiterates an important message for high school students who are worried sick about their SAT or ACT scores: The classes you take and the grades you earn are far more important to us than your test scores... In the fall 2014 admissions cycle, 79.2 percent of responding colleges and universities gave 'considerable importance' to grades in students' college-prep classes, while 55.7 percent assigned the same importance to admission test scores for entering freshmen."

Walking Helps You Think.  Here's Why.
New Yorker, 9/3/14
"Many experiments have shown that after or during exercise, even very mild exertion, people perform better on tests of memory and attention.  Walking on a regular basis also promotes new connections between brain cells, staves off the usual withering of brain tissue that comes with age, increases the volume of the hippocampus (a brain region crucial for memory), and elevates the levels of molecules that both stimulate the growth of new neurons and transmit messages between them."


Squash Comes To Public Places
Bloomberg, 8/17/16


John Hattie Releases Comprehensive Model Of Learning
Nature, 8/10/16

Understanding Task Switching: When Is It Good? When Bad?
Fast Company, 7/28/08


In Defense Of The Liberal Arts (And Why We Go To College)
Washington Post, 9/2/16


How Much Are Trigger Warnings Used In Colleges Today?
NPR, 9/7/16

Does Affirming One's Values Successfully Combat Stereotype Threat?
Daniel Willingham, 9/6/16

Campuses Start Year With Training About Microaggressions
New York Times, 9/6/16

On The Importance Of Pronouncing Student Names Correctly
Quartz, 9/7/16


More On How Young Children Learn Through Watching And Mimicking
Wall Street Journal, 8/31/16


An Interesting Analysis Of What Memes Say About Our Time
Atlantic, 9/6/16


Apparently We Order Consecutive Adjectives In A Very Specific Way
The Wire, 9/10/16

Chomsky's Universal Grammar Appears To Be... Wrong.
Scientific American, 9/7/16

Map Of The Descent Of The Word "Two" In Indo-European Languages
Silly Linguistics, 11/14/15


A Five Paragraph Essay Condemning The Five Paragraph Essay
NCTE, 9/10/16

Regular 20 Minute Journaling Helps Fight Emotional Funks
New York Magazine, 9/6/16

Teaching Grammar Through Writing, Not Drills, Works Better [Fixed Link]
Atlantic, 2/25/14


3D Printing Is Now Changing Animation
YouTube/Digg, 9/6/16

NASA Launched A Rocket To Land On A Comet
Quartz, 9/8/16

Machine Learning... Through Metaphor?
Nautilus, 9/8/16


Courting Millennials At Work: Purpose, Growth, Balance
Gallup, 9/9/16

What Gen Z And Millennials Look For In A Workplace
Fast Company, 9/7/16

On Balancing Minimalist Simplicity And Messy Combinatorial Creativity
New Republic, 9/6/16


Elementary School Bans Homework Entirely 
Seven Days VT, 9/8/16

On Hobbies, And How They Make Better People
Quartz, 6/12/16

A Long Look At Restorative Practices For Disciplinary Cases
New York Times, 9/7/16

Professors Put Easter Eggs In Their Syllabi To See If Students Read Them
Chronicle Of Higher Education, 8/31/16

Experts: In What Ways Does Non-Aged-Based Progress Improve School?
Atlantic, 9/3/16

Man Becomes Substitute Teacher, Rails Against Schools
New York Times, 9/7/16

On How Rituals Can Help Performance
Bloomberg, 8/18/16

Today's Students Have No Memory Of 9/11
WAMU, 9/9/16