October 16 - October 23, 2016

The Washington Post article about a young rising star in white nationalism who renounces his upbringing entirely is a compelling and hope-inspiring read.  It tells the tale of inclusion practices at their best.

Also great this week are the two reflections on the moderation of attention in the digital age.  They are both meditations on what it means to focus in the days of mobile devices.

These and many others... enjoy!


Sherry Turkle Pinpoints The Problem With Email In Education
EdSurge, 10/13/16
"My students don't want to come to office hours anymore.  They would prefer to send me an email and have me send them an email back because they have a fantasy that they can send me a perfect email... and that I will send them their exact perfect answer back.  This does a few things.  I think it reveals the way in which we try to turn conversations into transactions in digital culture... What I'm arguing in the book is that it's not the presence of a laptop in a class that needs to be looked at and needs to be perhaps critiqued, but really the kind of digital culture that we're creating where we're not valuing conversation enough and not valuing relationships enough, and we tend to look at each other as apps in a more transaction way."

The Long, Slow (Marvelous) Process Of Turning Hate To Love
Washington Post, 10/15/16
"He tried to convince [his father] for a few hours at the restaurant.  He told him about white privilege and repeated the scientific studies about institutionalized racism.  He mentioned the great Islamic societies that had developed algebra and predicted a lunar eclipse.  He said that now, as he recognized strains of white nationalism spreading into mainstream politics, he felt accountable. 'It's not just that I was wrong.  It's that it caused real damage,' he remembered saying."


Build Willpower? Yes, But Avoid Temptation, Too
New York Magazine, 10/19/16


Today's Copycat Culture Is A Boon For Creativity, A Bane For IP
Quartz, 10/17/16

10 Books On Creativity.  Not The "Best" Books, But Good Ones
Signature Reads, 10/17/16


What You Study Isn't As Important As What You Do When You Study
LinkedIn Blog, 10/14/16

A Complete Framework For K-12 Computer Science
K-12 Computer Science, 10/19/16


How To Be An Upstander
New York Times, 10/12/16


'The Decline Of The West, And How To Stop It"
New York Times, 10/19/16


5 Ways To Grow Leadership Within Your Organization
Harvard Business Review, 10/6/16


Students Write Novels For Class
KQED, 10/21/16


A Walk Through The Writing On Technology's Usurpation Of Attention
New Republic, 10/17/16

Audrey Watters On Attention And Technology
Hack Education, 10/21/16

Should Ed Tech Be A Discipline?  Not The Way You Think It Might...
Tim Klapdor, 5/10/16

More Schools And Venues Use Phone Lockdown Pouches
New York Times, 10/15/16

Professors Offer Nuance To Turkle's Argument About Tech
EdSurge, 10/19/16


On The Art And Politics Of Composing A Syllabus
New York Times, 10/17/16

Was A Gap Year  Worth It? Stories From 25 Years Later
New York Times, 10/19/16

Consequentialism: The Reason Teachers Overwork Themselves
Aeon, 10/18/16

How To Spread Good Ideas And Good Practices
Stanford Social Innovation Review, 10/20/16