October 2 - October 9, 2016

Another week of both broad and deep articles!  This week, the in-depth work is most apparent in the "character" and "pedagogy" sections.

Also, headlines like "How To Produce Good Ideas" generally sound shallow, but Kirby Ferguson has done good work exploring and explaining the creative process, and his recommendations here are applicable to deep scholarship--and many other fields--too.

These and other great pieces available throughout.  Enjoy!


Why Teens Learn Faster Than Adults
Pacific Standard, 10/4/16
"Teens... mastered the butterfly game a bit faster than adults--that is, their predictions improved faster than young adults'--apparently because they were less quick to solidify their beliefs about the butterfly's habits.  Participants also had better memories for a series of images they saw after correct choices as opposed to incorrect choices, and that effect was stronger in teens than young adults."

Socratic Mentoring: The Key To Student Learning?
Aeon, 10/6/16
"We need to remember something that Socrates drew our attention to long ago, but which in our eagerness to turn schools into engines of economic productivity we have forgotten, namely that education is a philosophical process. It begins with questioning, proceeds by enquiry, and moves in the direction of deeper understanding.  The journey of enquiry is powered by critical reflection, discussion and debate.  It leads not to final answers but to a greater appreciation of the limits of our knowledge, both of the world around us and of our own mysterious selves."


International Data On The Lasting Effects Of Concussions On Kids
New York Times, 10/5/16


3 Ways To Delay Gratification (To Be More Patient?)
Fast Company, 10/3/16

Cell Phone Use Correlates With Less Trust In Others
Pacific Standard, 10/4/16

"How To Raise Kinder, Less Entitled Kids"
Washington Post, 10/4/16


Brain Training Games (Still) Don't Make You Smarter
NPR, 10/3/16


How To Produce Good Ideas [Video]
YouTube/Kirby Ferguson, 8/30/16


Terrific Case Study On A School That Features Public Speaking
KQED, 10/3/16

Course Titles Of The 145 Entrepreneurship Courses At Stanford
Steve Blank, 10/6/16


Most Students (From All Races) Prefer Teachers Of Color
NPR, 10/7/16


The Growing Case For More Humanities Classes
Chronicle of Higher Education, 10/2/16

Arundhati Roy Will Publish A Second Novel In 2017
Guardian, 10/3/16


One District Doubles Down On Professional Development
Pacific Standard, 9/30/16


Understanding The Relationship Between Motivation And Rewards
Lithium, 2/18/14

The Summit Public Schools Model For Personalized Learning Is Growing
Medium, 10/6/16

The State Of Competency-Based Pedagogy In New England
Competency Works, 10/4/16 [Report]


On Teaching Composition: What Works And What Doesn't
Chronicle of Higher Education, 10/3/16

Should We Teach Grammar--Or Simply Read More And Write More?
NCTE, 10/3/16


Our Misconceptions Of How Chance/Probability Works
Farnam Street, 8/10/15

NASA Releases Posters Imagining Future Tourist Visits To Space/Planets
NASA, 2/8/16


"The Behavioral Economics Of Recycling"
Harvard Business Review, 10/7/16


An Interactive Essay About The History And Structure Of The Internet
Quartz, 10/5/16


Some Common Sense Characteristics Of Good Collaboration
Aeon, 10/3/16

"My Ideal High School": Completely Reimagining School--With Sources
NAIS, 3/1/15