October 23 - October 30, 2016

The feature article on journaling offers a surprising health perspective on the experience of writing.  English teachers have known/intuited the benefits that writing can have on thinking and feeling, and this article suggests that the effects reaching our physical health as well.  The sequel article under reading/writing is good, too, though spins in a surprising direction.

The several articles on creativity offer insight into the granular mechanics of creative work, which is actually quite useful if you apply it strategically.

Lastly, the article on the video game "Civilization" gives a masterpiece its due--but fails to mention the research showing that students who play the epic-sweeping game perform better in subsequent history classes they take.

These articles, and more this week!


How Promoting Nonconformity Strengthens Your Organization
Harvard Business Review, 10/1/16
"Of coruse, not all conformity is bad.  But to be successful and evolve, organizations need to strike a balance between adherence to the formal and informal rules that provide necessary structure and the freedom that helps employees do their best work... Let's look at the three main, and interrelated reasons why we so often conform at work... Six strategies can help leaders encourage constructive nonconformity in their organizations and themselves."

Journaling: Good For Your Brain, And For Your Health
Fast Company, 1/29/15
"The practice has very real physical health benefits for people who do it.  According to Dr. James Pennebaker, a psychologist and leading expert in the field of Expressive Writing... journaling strengthens immune cells called T-lymphocytes and has been shown to be associated with drops in depression, anxiety, and increases in positive mood, social engagement, and quality of close relationships."


Why Most High-Achieving, Low-Income Kids Don't Apply To Top Colleges
New York Times, 10/16/13


More Evidence Of How Even Non-Concussion Head Impact Is Damaging
Pacific Standard, 10/24/16


Revisiting Pride: When It Is Bad, And When It Fuels Us (i.e. Mastery)
99u, 10/29/16


Memory Recall, Precision, And Vividness: Three Parts Of The Brain
Atlantic, 10/25/16


"How To Make Sense Of College Rankings"
New York Times, 10/29/16


14 Components Of Creativity That Work In Different Combinations
Quartz, 10/13/16

Happiness Isn't Critical For--And Can Sometimes Inhibit--Creativity
Quartz, 10/23/16

9 Guidelines For Developing And Adopting Innovative Approaches
EdSurge, 10/22/16


Sid Meier's 'Civilization': The Video Game Of World History
Longreads, 10/26/16

Paul Beatty Is First American To Win The Man Booker Prize
Guardian, 10/25/16


3 Ways To Use Video In Professional Development
EdSurge, 10/22/16


The Power Of Journaling: An Entrepreneur Learns/Starts Selling Journals
Shopify, 10/30/16


How Computer Science Measures Complexity (Via Sorting Algorithms)
Plus Magazine, 10/12/16


Has Global Wildlife Fallen By 58% In 40 Years?
BBC, 10/27/16

Tesla Announces Solar Roof Tiles
TechCrunch, 10/29/16


Dress Code: Some Research About How Attire Affects Performance
New York Magazine, 10/25/16


Why Some Teachers Leave Teaching
NPR, 10/24/16

What It Takes To Change A School's Master Schedule
KQED, 10/24/16