October 9 - October 16, 2016

A remarkable week in sustainability news, and a good cluster of articles in creativity as well.

Most surprising to me was the article on how the video game FIFA is actually changing the way professional soccer players are playing the sport.  The pros play the video game, too, and seek to emulate some of the moves they see in the video game! It's worth it to open this article on a laptop computer rather than a mobile device, in order to see an excerpt of the game.

Also, Steve Blank's post (by a guest) on the habits to build/kill innovation offers a series of great observations that I think translate very easily into the education space, if one can get past the business jargon.



Four Ways To Bring Kinesthetic Learning Into Your Classroom
ASCD, 10/13/16
"Students can leave their notebooks, textbooks, and other school paraphernalia behind when they leave home or school, but they take their bodies with them wherever they go.  When educators engage students in learning through the body, they essentially inscribe knowledge into the very sinews of their physical being."


How FIFA (The Video Game) Is Changing How Professionals Play Soccer
New York Times, 10/13/16


The Impossibility (And Dangers?) Of Perennial Happiness
Quartz, 10/12/16

How Literary Fiction Teaches Us Empathy
Medium, 10/10/16

Company Does Curiosity Assessment Of 3,000 Global Employees
Merck KGAA, 10/12/16


Neuroplasticity Doesn't (Have To) End In Adolescence
New York Times, 10/8/16


11 Habits That Kill Organizational Innovation (...And Good Leadership)
Steve Blank, 10/13/16

One Person's Look At What Qualities Lead To Creative Work
Signature Reads, 10/11/16

Gathering And Assessing Personality Types For Creative Teams
Harvard Business Review, 7/12/16


Interactive Visualization Of The Connections Between Disciplines
Center For Curriculum Redesign, 10/15/16

Coding As A Foreign Language Req Seems To Be Fading (Phew!)
US News & World Report, 10/13/16


How Race-Based Stress Inhibits Learning
Atlantic, 10/11/16

What If NYC Street Names Were Named After Women, Not Men?
New Yorker, 10/11/16


4 General Leadership Lessons From Steve Jobs
Fast Company, 10/5/16


10 Tips For Mentoring New Teachers
ASCD, 9/6/16

On The Global Need For Teacher PD
Forbes, 10/9/16


Notes On How To Use Evidence Well In History Essays
History Tech, 10/12/16

Is Written (vs. Visual) Communication Essential For Sustaining Democracy?
Medium, 10/11/16


Nicholas Carr Chimes In On Allo, Google's AI Messenger Algorithm
Rough Type, 10/5/16


"German Lawmakers Vote To Ban The Internal Combustion Engine"
Gizmodo, 10/8/16

Massive, Global Agreement To Reduce Hydrofluorocarbons
New York Times, 10/15/16

Obituary For The Great Barrier Reef
Outside, 10/11/16

The Barrier Reef Isn't Dead, But It Needs Help
LA Times, 10/14/16


Alternatives To Banning Laptops In Class
Chronicle Of Higher Education, 9/11/16

Moodle? Canvas? Haiku? 4th Annual LMS Usage Update
Edutechnica, 10/3/16

Stephen Wolfram, Symbolic Discourse Language, And AI
BackChannel, 10/13/16

Computers, AI, And The Automation Paradox
Guardian, 10/11/16


Data On The Effect Of Open Floor Plan Interruptions
Quartz, 10/12/16


Experience (Obviously?) Correlates With Improved Effectiveness
AFT, 11/1/16

More On How Teaching Cursive Might Not Be Necessary Any More
EdWeek, 10/10/16

"Forest Bathing": Air In The Woods Is Good For Your Immune System
Quartz, 10/12/16

Morning And Breakfast Routines For These Under-35 Professionals
LinkedIn, 10/11/16

What Happens When People Who Shouldn't Use Adderall Use It
New York Times, 10/12/16