September 25 - October 2, 2016

This week's feature article, while it appears to focus on businesses, applies extraordinarily well, I think, not only to schools, but also to our classes.  How can we think about teaching our students with a strengths-based approach?

I am so intrigued by the emerging science around trees: their "neural" networks, their subterranean communications, their sharing of space.  The Brain Pickings post in "STEM" (there's a pun in there...) offers a glimpse into this emerging field...

Lastly: a burst of articles regarding stress and another burst on boredom as fuel for creativity, both enlightening.  Great stuff this week.



Best Practices For Leading/Teaching With A Strengths-Based Approach
Gallup, 9/29/16
"After decades of strengths research, Gallup understands how leaders of top strengths-based organizations help their companies achieve the best outcomes.  Here are their key strategies: Show employees the bigger picture... Put strengths in their own words... Focus on individual and company strengths... Keep track..."


First Aggregated Results From The Revised SAT
Washington Post, 9/27/16


Concrete Steps To Reduce Stress In High School Students
New York Times, 9/29/16

Address Stress By Adjusting Your Drama-To-Perspective Ratio
New York Magazine, 9/30/16


Boredom Has Its Own Academic Field...!
New York Magazine, 9/27/16

On How Boredom Sets The Stage For Creativity
Creativity Post, 9/28/16

Do Simpler, Boring Things Promote More Creativity?
Wired, 9/24/16


Half Of 841 Surveyed Profs Have Used Trigger Warnings
NPR, 9/7/16

Implicit Bias Is A Problem, Even In Pre-School
NPR, 9/28/16


Online Masters In CompSci For $7,000.  A Whole New Opportunity
New York Times, 9/28/16

EdX Offers Online "MicroMasters" Programs
Hechinger Report, 9/28/16


Strategies For Facilitating Information Flow In Your School
Harvard Business Review, 9/29/16

4 Habits To Build As You Grow Professionally
Fast Company, 9/28/16

4 Ways Leaders Can Build A Culture Of Creativity
Fast Company, 5/16/16


"Can You Read A Book The Wrong Way?" - 2 Authors Sound Off
New York Times, 9/27/16

Why These Startup Founders Set Aside Time For Reading 
Fast Company, 9/23/16


100 Questions To Spark Discussion In Math Class
Curriculum Associates, 0/0/00

Tips On Making Makerspaces
MakerEd, 8/10/16

Peruvian Mathematician Improves Ancient Method For Finding Primes
Scientific American, 9/24/16

Trees Have A Social Life, And... Intelligence?!
Brain Pickings, 9/26/16


American Academy Of Pediatrics Statement On Cell Phone Use
ReleaseWire, 9/26/16

A Meditation On Memory (via Google Maps)
Catapult, 9/12/16


4 Stories That Help Shape Your Organization's Culture
New York Times, 12/19/15


A Different Take On The Purpose Of Education
Smart Set, 9/2/16

Tips From A Concierge On How To Remember People's Names
New York Times, 2/27/15