November 13 - November 20, 2016

A short, but substantive issue this week.

The reading/writing section this week covers a range of topics, and most surprising among them is, perhaps, the data on print versus digital versus audiobooks.  Also a critical mass this week is the cognitive science section, which offers insights into how our students' brains work, and what we might do to engage them more deeply in meaningful learning.

Also, the feature article this week asks very interesting questions about how well we make sense of the data that is coming to us about/from students?  Can we accurately 'read' data?  Before we try to gather more data and perform more future-looking, machine-learning algorithms, how much can we do with what we already have?  This article isn't anti-data--it only acknowledges (via elections, medicine, and more) that teachers and leaders need to be sure to have the skill of looking at data before acting on it.

Enjoy these and others this week!


Analytics Literacy: You Can't Apply Data If You Don't Really Understand It
e-Literate, 11/19/16
"Right now, the educational technology market is blithely barreling down the road of developing sexy, sophisticated algorithms... But "sophisticated" also means "complex." If we, as a culture, lack the basic literacy to have clear intuitions about what a '70% chance' means, then how likely is it that we won't have shocks that cause us to distrust our learning analytics because we won't understand their assumptions and limitations."


Forget The Long Run: Fitness Comes Just As Well From Short Sprints
Vice, 11/17/16


Understanding Regret.
New York Times, 11/12/16


Is Being A Morning Or Evening Person (Sleep-Wise) Genetic?
New York Times, 11/14/16

EdX Offers Course On The Science Of Learning
edX, 11/16/16

The Brain Sometimes Makes Decisions For Us (Via Optical Illusions)
Nautilus, 11/10/16


Reflecting On Goals Can Help College Applicants Find Focus
Harvard Graduate School of Education, 11/14/16


On New Ways To Recruit Diverse Talent
EdSurge, 11/15/16


College President: What Does  A Trump Presidency Mean For Higher Ed
Chronicle of Higher Education, 11/15/16


A Healpful Acronym For Effective Learning Strategies
Inc., 11/18/16


eBooks And Hardcovers Are Down.  Audiobooks Are Way Up.
JStor, 11/16/16

Reading More Leads To More Learning. (Big Surprise...) Here's Data.
THE Journal, 11/17/16

Teens: Why They Do And Don't Read, And How To Encourage Them
KQED, 10/31/16

How Larger Writing Classes Might Actually Lead To Better Learning
EdTechResearcher, 11/17/16


Twitter Creates New Tools To Fight Online Abuse
Atlantic, 11/15/16

People Quit Facebook For A Week... And Feel Better
Discover, 11/16/16


Parental Surveillance: Should We Know Their Wearabouts At All Times?
New York Times, 11/9/16

Highway Deaths Are Back On The Rise. Are Phones The Cause?
New York Times, 11/15/16

Hello, Future: Man Flies Plane, Steers It With His Mind
Wired, 11/15/16

Understanding What Digital Literacy Means (via Higher Ed)
Campus Technology, 11/8/16


Ways To Respond To Feelings Of Being An Imposter
Chronicle of Higher Education, 11/16/16

Political Science Prof Becomes Coding Student Of Dying Former Student
Medium, 6/20/16