November 6 - November 13, 2016

Good articles on creativity this week.  Also, of course, several pieces regarding the election..

The surprising stories this week, though, are also in the tech section.  Several articles make a case for the emptiness of education technology or technology's deleterious effects.  But this week also features extensive student polling that found students value fully online classes for intellectual rigor and engagement.  The data in this survey covers in-person, online, and various versions of blended learning, and I was surprised by the results.

 Also, I remember speaking with a teacher years ago who said that every now and then he would spend a class simply reading aloud to his students.  We should probably do this more often.  See the piece below...



Students Prefer Hard But Mangeable Courses.  Here's What That Means.
Faculty Focus, 11/9/16
"For each student there appeared to be a demarcation line... that professors could cross by making their courses too difficult... once that line was crossed, opinions of the course and instructor quickly changed to dislike.  The too-difficult courses had grading systems students perceived as unfair, tests that were too hard, homework that was graded harshly, and feedback that was difficult to interpret."

Creative Peaks Can Come At Any Age; Productivity & Timing Matter Most
New York Times, 11/3/16
"Keeping productivity equal, the scientists were as likely to score a hit at age 50 as at age 25.  The distribution was random; choosing the right project to pursue at the right time was a matter of luck."


Reading Some Literature Fosters Empathy, But Not All Literature
Wall Street Journal, 11/11/16


The "I Voted!" Sticker: Peer Pressure Is Real
Fast Company, 10/13/16

A Collection Of Articles About Sleep
Digg, 11/12/16


Does A LinkedIn Profile Help Kids In The Admission Process?
New York Times, 11/5/16


Neil Gaiman: For More Ideas, Be More Bored
Cal Newport, 11/11/16

What Kills Creativity In Kids... And How To Avoid It
Creativity Post, 11/10/16


Should We Expand Public Speaking?  Here Is One Effort To Do So
Guardian, 11/8/16

A Review Of Research About The Effect Of Arts On Life Health
Createquity, 11/2/16


Surge Of Racist Incidents In Schools Following Election (And Some Hope)
New York Times, 11/11/16

"Resources For Difficult Dialogues In The Classroom"
Michigan State University, 11/12/16


Why Are US Elections Always So Close?
Nautilus, 11/3/16


Should We Read Aloud To Teens?
School Library Journal, 11/25/15

Some Reflections On Teaching Writing
ASCD, 11/10/16

A Post-Election Rubric For Assessing Writing [Humor]
McSweeney's, 11/11/16


The Case Against High Tech Education
The Walrus, 11/7/16

Why Tech Is Psychologically Addicting, And How To Combat It
Atlantic, 11/1/16

"Screenagers" - A Documentary About Kids And Screens
THE Journal, 11/10/16

On The Weakening Power Of Truth In An Internet Age
New York Times, 11/2/16

How One Professor Used Online Discussions To Engage Sensitive Issues
EdSurge, 11/9/16

"11 Awesome Places To Visit With Google Cardboard"
History Tech, 11/7/16

How 100,000 Students Rated Online Versus In-Person Learning
Times Higher Education, 11/10/16


Are Your Colleagues Your Number One Distraction?
NPR, 10/26/16

"15 Resources To Overcome Stress In The Classroom"
ASCD, 11/2/16


Schools Consider Dropping Student Rankings.  Here's Why.
Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/30/16

A History Of The Lunch Box
NPR, 10/31/16

How Deadlines, Real Or Self-Imposed, Drive Results
Scientific American, 11/9/16