October 30 - November 6, 2016

A new issue of NAIS magazine (National Association of Independent Schools) has several compelling articles this week.

Also, two articles in cognitive science this week explore how removing or avoiding obstacles to success is apparently more effective than resisting obstacles. 

These and much more this week.  Enjoy!


Stress, Relationships, And Health: How They Can Feed Each Other
Brain Pickings, 10/7/15
"Thus a person, sitting by herself in a room, may appear to others to be quite alone; but that person, if embedded, will have a world of relationships mapped inside her mind--a map that will lead to those who can be called on for nurture and support in time of need.  But others, the Gatsbys among us, might be among a crowd of dozens and yet feel very much alone."

Does A Happy School Climate Mean More Successful Students?
NPR, 11/1/16
"A study published in the Review of Educational Research today suggests that school climate is something educators and communities should prioritize--especially as a way to bridge the elusive achievement gap.  The authors analyzed more than 15 years of research on schools worldwide, and found that positive school climate had a significant impact on academics."


Social Network Analysis: How Social Circles Affect Success In College
KQED, 11/3/16

More Information On Teen Perceptions And Use Of Marijuana
Stanford, 11/1/16


Focus Comes From Filtering Distractions, Not Fighting Them
NPR, 11/5/16

Self-Control Comes From Avoiding Temptation, Not Resisting It
Inc., 11/1/16

There May Be Cognitive Benefits To An Extended Adolescence
Atlantic, 11/3/16

Screen Time Inhibits Sleep For Teens (More Evidence)
New York Times, 10/31/16


50 Books About Creativity
John Spencer, 6/13/15


Harvard Cancels Men's Soccer Season Over Sexist Remarks
NPR, 11/4/16

Harvard Women's Socer Writes Letter In Response To Sexist Remarks
Crimson, 10/29/16


Does History Help Us Understand The Present?  How Much?
Aeon, 11/2/16


Do You Lead By Direction Or By Collaboration
New York Times, 10/29/16

Head Of School And The Board, What They Need To Know From Each Other
NAIS, 11/1/16

Culture, Strategy, And Transitions In Leadership
NAIS, 11/1/16


One School System Designs A Formative Evaluation Process
ASCD, 10/31/16


"Millennials Want Jobs That Promote Their Well-Being"
Gallup, 11/1/16


Survey Data About The State Of The Triple Threat Teaching Model
NAIS, 11/1/16

Schools ≠ Businesses. But Are They Like 'High Performing Organizations?'
NAIS, 11/1/16

When Collaboration Works, And Why People Sometimes Resist It
Harvard Business Review, 12/11/11

Independent v. Public School Self-Reports From First Year Of College
NAIS, 11/1/16

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Blogger Suggests Not Bringing Grade Book.
Joe Bower, 10/9/14

Homeschooling Has Doubled Since 1999
Washington Post, 11/1/16