December 11 - December 18, 2016

A rich issue: high tech and low tech, anti-tech and pro-tech--and lots of not-at-all tech-related writing, too.

Will artificial intelligence play a role in the everyday classroom?  The more apt question is: How will AI play a role in education.  It won't replace teachers, but our work will inevitably be improved by it.  The feature article on the emergence of AI is long, but full of insight and foresight.

What is with the adult coloring books craze?  In this age of fragmented, occupied attention, I suspect it provides rare moments of calm and focus. Now a high school library has created a coloring center to reduce stress among students and staff.

This week there's much, much more good reading for your holiday.  But as the lead feature says, be sure to take a break during break!



Teachers: Rest During Vacation, Avoiding Burnout May Depend On It
Guardian, 12/17/16
"The research asked teachers to complete a survey... capturing their feelings before, during, and after the Christmas break in 2013.  It found that teachers who continued to worry about work during their holidays were less likely to recover from the demands of the term, while those who satisfied their basic psychological needs (competence, autonomy, and feeling connected to others) improved their mental health."

The Story Of How A.I. Is Coming To Dominate Technology
New York Times, 12/14/16
"It's an uncommon story in many ways, not least of all because it defies many of the Silicon Valley stereotypes we've grown accustomed to.  It does not feature people who think that everything will be unrecognizably different tomorrow or the the next day because of some restless tinkerer in his garage.  It is neither a story about people who think technology will solve all our problems nor one about people who think technology is ineluctably bound to create apocalyptic new ones.  It is not about disruption, at least not in the way that word tends to be used.  It is, in fact, three overlapping stories that converge in Google translate's successful metamorphosis to A.I. -- a technical story, an institutional story, and a story about the evolution of ideas."


The Mere Presence Of Adults Around Kids Appears To Be Beneficial
New York Times, 12/14/16

Parent Perception (n = 1,786) Of How Social Media Affects Children
NPR, 12/6/16


Empathy And The Art Of "Inseeing" (w/ Rilke)
Brain Pickings, 12/14/16

Willpower: Is Joy The Most Important Factor In Persistence?
Inc., 12/15/16

De-Stress With Coloring Books: HS Library Adds Popular Coloring Center
School Library Journal, 12/14/16


On The Importance Of Executive Function For Learning
KQED, 12/13/16

A Conversation About Deliberate Practice, Play, And Creativity
Creativity Post, 12/13/16

The Science And Psychology Of Color
Medium, 12/9/16

The Story Of Tversky And Kahneman
New Yorker, 12/7/16

5 Tips For Falling Asleep Faster
New York Magazine, 12/5/16

More On How Exercise (Running) Boosts Brain Performance
University Of Arizona, 12/14/16


Bloomberg Propels Initiative To Make Colleges More Diverse
New York Times, 12/13/16

Harvard Admits 14.5% Of Early Applicants
Harvard, 12/13/16


"Brain And Soul... Why Psychology Is Such A Young Science"
New York Magazine, 12/8/16

Exploring Critical Thinking
Stephen Downes, 12/15/16

Audrey Watters On The State Of Credentialing
Hack Education, 12/14/16


Ivies Suspend Athletics Teams For Racist, Sexist Comments
Washington Post, 12/16/16

How To Move Forward When Someone Recognizes Their Prejudice
New York Times, 12/10/16


"Why All World Maps Are Wrong" [video]
YouTube/Vox, 12/2/16


A Foray Into The Grammar Wars: Description Vs. Prescriptive
Smart Set, 12/14/16

Jimmies Vs. Sprinkles, Wicked Vs. Hella: Maps Of Word Use
Quartz, 12/15/16


Some Writing On Building Trust
Inc., 12/15/16


Strengths-Based Coaching - Can It Apply To Teaching?
Gallup, 12/15/16

An Exploration Into What New Teachers Need Before Starting Teaching
Hechinger Report, 12/14/16


Tips For Leading A Harkness Discussion
Perspected, 12/10/16

Seven Tips For Giving Feedback
Guardian, 11/10/16


The Essay: History, Present, And Future
Atlantic, 1/1/17

Brain Pickings Best Children's Books Of 2016
Brain Pickings, 12/12/16


Best Science Pictures From 2016
Nature, 12/16/16


Middlebury College Achieves Carbon Neutrality
Middlebury, 12/8/16


Quizlet Surveys 20,000: Does Tech Help Teaching/Learning?
Quizlet, 12/1/16

Stephen Downes And The History/Quality Of MOOCs
Stephen Downes, 12/11/16

How Tech Might Help Teachers Get Better (And Not Replace Us)
Christensen Institute, 12/7/16

How To Pilot EdTech At Your School
Digital Promise, 11/30/16

Nicholas Carr On Icarus, Wingsuits, And The Fate Of Enhanced Humans
Rough Type, 12/12/16


Rich, Rich Data On How Americans Feel About Information Overload
Pew Internet, 12/7/16

Suggestions For Building A Routine
Inc., 12/13/16


On The Further Importance Of Mentors, Advisors
Atlantic, 12/14/16

Tips For Kicking The Procrastination Habit
James Clear, 12/18/16

Pearson Releases Their Principles Of Learning Design
Pearson, 12/13/16

Does Allowing Simple Pleasures Boost Productivity?
University Of Melbourne, 12/13/16

"Baby It's Cold Outside" (with Consent)
YouTube/The Current, 12/9/16