December 18 - December 25, 2016

To those who are celebrating today: Merry Christmas!  As I compiled this week's newsletter mostly on Friday, this week's issue does not include stories from the weekend.

Still, lots of compelling writing this week, including a recurring focus on fake news.  Since the election, articles on media literacy have been on the rise: what it looks like today, where it lives in the curriculum, and more.

Also, several good summaries of research or writing on different topics: sleep, creativity, the arts, and more.



The Surprisingly Long History Of Fake News
Politico, 12/18/16
"To whip up revolutionary fervor, Ben Franklin himself concocted propaganda stories about murderous 'scalping' Indians working in league with the British King George III. Other revolutionary leaders published fake propaganda stories that King George was sending thousands of foreign soldiers to slaughter the American patriots and turn the tide of the War of Independence to get people to enlist and support the revolutionary cause.  By the 1800s, fake news was back again, swirling around questions of race.  Like Jewish blood libel, American racial sentiments and fears were powerful in producing false stories.  One persistent 'cottage industry' of fake news in antebellum America was stories of African-Americans spontaneously turning white."

A Summary Of The Research On Sleep, School Start Time, And Success
Kappan, 1/1/17
"As we started our yearlong study, the evidence began piling up.  Our research team found amazing changes were happening.  Students were now awake the first hour of class, the principal reported fewer disciplinary incidents in the halls and lunchroom, and students reported less depression and feelings of greater efficacy.  Over 92% of the parents said their kids were 'easier to live with.'"

Discipline And Grit: Soul Crushing Or Ultimately Redemptive?
Washington Post, 12/2/16
"The technical mastery I'd achieved during my studies had stripped away much of my expressivity, and I was no longer convinced that I had anything worthwhile to say.  Without the belief that I was of use to the world or that my voice mattered uniquely, I lost my ambition.  I became disillusioned and resentful of my apparent disposability... But as we began to play, I felt something shift inside me.  Suddenly the months of estrangement and resentment and sadness and confusion, and the uncertainty about my future as a violinist, became part of a new story."


For Cognitive Benefits, Is Running Better Than Other Exercise?
New York Times, 12/14/16


Carol Dweck Chimes In On The Oversimplification Of Growth Mindsets
Atlantic, 12/16/16

Awe: How Vastness Makes Us More Spiritual, Generous, And Happy
Atlantic, 1/1/17


An Argument For Why Teachers Should Learn Brain Science
EdSurge, 12/20/16


Physicist David Bohm Reflects On Creativity
Brain Pickings, 12/20/16

A Collection Of Articles About Creativity
Medium, 12/22/16


How To Cultivate A Global Mindset (Boix Mansilla)
ASCD, 12/1/16

How Arts Improve Lives: A Deep Dive Into The Research
Createquity, 12/19/16

Schools And Games: How Similar Are They?
Stanford Social Innovation Review, 12/5/16

Coursera's Most Popular Courses By Red State/Blue State
Coursera, 12/16/16

Anant Agarwal On the Value Of Non-Technical Skills
EdSurge, 12/14/16


Concrete Recommendations And Questions For Talking About Race
ASCD, 11/1/16

Women Now Make Up More Than 50% Of Law Students
New York Times, 12/16/16


Media Literacy: A Curriculum And Some Historical Context
Hechinger Report, 12/21/16

The News Literacy Project, And Why Fake News Works
NPR, 12/22/16

"Fake News Is Why You Exist" And Tools To Help
History Tech, 12/19/16

How To Write Fake News, A Three Week Course
EdSurge, 12/19/16

How Marshall McLuhan Became Famous
LA Review of Books, 12/20/16

How Orwell's 1984 Became Famous
Daily Beast, 12/18/16

The Danger Of NPR Podcasts: "Factiness" Deters You From Action
New Inquiry, 12/13/16


3 Reasons To Let Someone Else Run Your Meetings
Harvard Business Review, 12/23/16

4 Reasons Some Managers Don't Thrive
Gallup, 12/21/16


Forget Performance Reviews/Evaluations, Have Career Conversations
Fast Company, 12/20/16


Personalized Learning: Some Ways You Might Already Be Doing It
EdSurge, 12/21/16


Neitschze Had 10 Style Rules For Writing
Open Culture, 12/19/16

On The Grammar Of Emoji
New York Magazine, 12/16/16

More Reflection On John D'Agata, The Essay, And Our Post-Fact Era
3 Quarks Daily, 12/19/16


Use Of More Types Of Social Media Linked To More Anxiety/Depression
Futurity, 12/19/16


Should Kids Use Calculators?
Atlantic, 12/22/16

What Universities Produce The Best Coders?
Fast Company, 12/18/16

Can Electromagnetic Devices Replace Combustion (In Space)?
Popular Science, 12/19/16


"A History Of Global Living Conditions In 5 Charts"
Our World In Data, 12/20/16


Digital Minimalism: A Philosophy For Navigating The Noise
Cal Newport, 12/21/16

Facebook's First Effort At Combatting Fake News
Fast Company, 12/15/16


On The Rapid Rise And Fall Of Holacracy
Quartz, 12/21/16


EdWeek Identifies Several Research Trends From 2016
EdWeek, 12/20/16

Comparing Weekly School Time Across Four Types Of Schools
SagePub, 11/28/16