December 25, 2016 - January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Short and sweet this week: some help defining "personalization," the surprise state of MOOCs, psychology in crisis, and more!  See the Hack Education piece, in particular, for an outside look at how the term personalization is shifting meanings.



What Does "Personalization" Really Mean, Anyway?
Hack Education, 12/19/16
"Many of the discussions about 'personalized learning' insist that technology is necessary for 'personalization,' often invoking stereotypes of whole class instruction and denying the myriad of ways that teachers have long tailored what they o in the classroom to the individual students in it.  Teachers look for interpersonal cues; they walk around the classroom and check on students' progress; they adjust their lessons and and their assignments in both subtle and conspicuous ways.  In other words, 'personalization' need not rely on technology or on data-mining; it does, however, demand that teachers attend to students' needs and to students' interests."

We're Getting A Clearer Picture Of The Science Of Reading
New York Times, 12/28/16
"How many more studies will it take? We know that readers vote more and volunteer more, and that reading literature deepens empathy.  And -- as finally, categorically demonstrated in a landmark Yale study last year -- that readers live longer.  Control for any variable, for income, for ZIP code, for anything you please, and proficient reading still makes all the difference in life."


Does Empathy Help Or Hinder Morality?  Two Psychologists Debate.
New York Times, 12/29/16

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