January 15 - January 22, 2017

The article on statistics and/versus big data is one I'm going to have to mull over for a long time.  It offers hard statements about the implications of a society that distrusts statistics and in which corporate/political leaders have access to deep, nuanced data on its users/citizenry.  Lots to think about.

The Harvard/MIT MOOC data is interesting--not least because it reports that teachers make up 32% of the students in Harvard & MIT classes.

A broad range this week.... Enjoy!


The Fall Of Statistics, The Rise Of Data Analytics, And The Implications
Guardian, 1/19/17
"In recent years, a new way of quantifying and visualising populations has emerged that potentially pushes statistics to the margins, ushering in a different era altogether.  Statistics, collected and compiled by technical experts, are giving way to data that accumulates by default, as a consequence of sweeping digitisation... In the long term, the implications of this will probably be as profound as the invention of statistics was in the late 17th century."


Concussions In Soccer On The Rise... Breakdown Of Data Included
Reuters, 1/16/17


Does Practicing An Instrument Lead To Quicker Reaction Times?
Pacific Standard, 1/13/17

Multitasking Only Works When One Action Is A Habit
Fast Company, 1/18/17


Weissbourd: Making College Admissions (And Childhood) More Caring
Atlantic, 12/21/16


"Art Is Theft" - An Animated Video About Creativity And Copying
Vimeo/Daniel Cordero, 1/1/17


An Economic Argument For More Skills-Based Teaching & Learning
Economist, 1/14/17

Contemplative Listening: As Valuable As Critical Thinking [Limited Access]
Chronicle of Higher Education, 1/13/17


"Microaffirmations" - The Opposite of Microaggressions
Harvard Graduate School of Education, 12/22/16

Where Students Go To College, By Income Percentile
New York Times, 1/18/17

Visualizing Economic Disparity In Elite Universities
Harvard Magazine, 1/19/17

"Hidden Figures" - 3 Black Women Who Helped NASA Go To Space
New York Times, 1/18/17


Which Colleges Provide The Most Social Mobility
Equality of Opportunity Project, 1/19/17


Revisiting Emily Dickinson In The Age Of The "Nasty Woman"
New York Times, 1/19/17

More Resources For Teaching The Inauguration
Larry Ferlazzo, 1/21/17


"The 3 Qualities That Make A Good Dean"
Chronicle of Higher Education, 1/15/17


Can Writing Your Goals Dramatically Improve Your Outcomes?
NPR, 7/10/15

A Perfect Model Of Close Reading... Of Louis CK... In A Video Essay
YouTube/NerdWriter, 1/18/17


Harvard & MIT Release 4 Years Of MOOC Data
EdSurge, 1/12/17

Ten Tech Topics MIT Thinks 21st Century Citizens Should Know About
WBUR, 1/13/17

A Map Of The Online Courses Favored In Different States
Coursera, 1/17/17


Are There Kinds Of Knowledge We Are Incapable Of Expressing?
Aeon, 1/17/17

Barack Obama's Resume, As Written By The Chronicle Of Higher Ed
Chronicle of Higher Education, 1/20/17